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Carmen Amaya Kids With Her Husband Juan Antonio Agüero: Family Details

This article concerns Carmen Amaya Kids With Her Husband, Juan Antonio Agüero. Spanish Romani flamenco dancer and singer. She was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain’s Somorrostro neighborhood.

She’s been dubbed “the greatest Flamenco dancer ever” and “the most extraordinary personality of all time in flamenco dance.” 

Because of its pace and intensity, she was the first female flamenco dancer to perfect footwork that was previously only performed by the best male dancers. 

She occasionally wore high-waisted pants while dancing to represent her inner strength. Luisita Esteso’s play was touring Valladolid in 1936, just as the Spanish Civil War was getting underway, and Carmen Amaya and her group were part of it. 

They traveled from Spain to Portugal over the border and landed in Lisbon shortly after. 

From there, they boarded the ship Monte Pascoal and set sail for Buenos Aires. It took them fifteen days to cross the Atlantic and reach Brazil and Uruguay. 

At the Maravillas Theatre in Buenos Aires, she made her stage debut with Ramón Montoya and Sabicas. She welcomed several of her family members into her artistic group at this point in her life. 

She worked with Miguel de Molina on movies in Buenos Aires, gaining the respect of musicians Leopold Stokowski and Arturo Toscanini, who also publicly lauded her. 

Let’s read the article till the end to learn more about Carmen Amaya Kids and other details.

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Carmen Amaya Kids With Her Husband Juan Antonio Agüero: Family Details

Carmen Amaya Kids has been a topic of interest for people. Carmen adored spending time with her family and was very committed to them. She and her spouse had several challenging moments, but never once.

The family, after all, was always first. She was a child enthusiast and cherished each of her small nieces and nephews, but regrettably, she was unable to conceive. 

She wed musician Juan Antonio Agüero, who was not a gypsy, in 1952. Agüero was a member of her company and came from a well-to-do Santander family. 

Carmen Amaya Kids
Talking about Carmen Amaya Kids, she never had any. (Source: IMDb)

They had a small-scale wedding celebration and lived a true love story. One of Carmen’s most thrilling experiences occurred in 1959 during the dedication ceremony for a fountain with her name. 

The fountain was on the Paseo Marítimo de Barcelona, which runs through the Somorrostro neighborhood. She had previously strolled past these locations as a young girl, dragging her sorrows in her shoes many years prior.

The Tablao de Carmen was established in 1988 as a tribute to Carmen Amaya at the Poble Espanyol, the exact location of her dance performance for King Alfonso XIII of Spain at the opening of the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. 

A portion of Carmen Amaya’s photographic heritage is exhibited at Tablao de Carmen. Her husband Juan Antonio Agüero’s guitar is played at the Tablao de Carmen on essential occasions and is a part of the founder family’s legacy.

Death Of Carmen Amaya

Carmen Amaya is interred in the Ciriego Cemetery in Santander. She passed away from kidney disease at Begur, Girona, northeast Catalonia, in 1963.

She received the Lasso of the Lady of the Order of Isabel la Católica, the Medal of Merit of Tourism in Barcelona, and the title of Adoptive Daughter of Begur.

A monument dedicated to her was erected in the Montjuic Amusement Park three years after passing in 1966. She has a street named for her in Buenos Aires. 

Carmen Amaya Kids
She is one of Spain’s most revered flamenco dancers and singers. (Source: Find A grave)

Lucero Tena, Mariquilla, and Felix de Utrera were among the many artists who took part in a tribute performance in Madrid’s “Tablao” Los Califas in her honor. 

Her passing was a massive loss to the flamenco community worldwide. She received the title of Hija Adoptiva de Bagur, the Lazo de Isabel la Católica, and the Medalla del Mérito Turístico de Barcelona. Numerous Roma people from all over Spain and even France came to her funeral. 

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