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Carmen Carrera Divorce: Is Being A Transgender The Reason?

After almost three years of the divorce of Carmen Carrera from her husband, people have shown keen interest in the reason behind it. They are searching all over the internet for further information.

Born on April 13, 1985, Carmen Carrera is a prominent American television personality.

She is also a model, burlesque performer, actress, and transgender rights activist.

Moreover, she is widely recognized for her appearance on the third season of the Logo reality television series RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Besides her career in the spotlight, Carmen has been a vocal advocate for transgender rights.

Meanwhile, her personal life, including her partner, has always been a topic of public interest.

Furthermore, many people globally have recently started questioning the reason behind the divorce of Carmen Carrera and her ex-husband Adrian.

Carmen Carrera Divorce: Is Being A Transgender The Reason?

The lives of celebrities have always been the topic of interest for their fans and global media.

And this time, Carmen Carrera is back in the spotlight almost three years after her divorce.

After the divorce of Carmen Carrera and her ex-husband Adrian Torres, many thought it was because of Carmen’s transitions.

Carmen and Adrian captured along with their kids.
Carmen and Adrian were previously in a domestic relationship from 2009 to 2013. (Source: Facebook)

However, the couple has not disclosed the reason for their separation publicly.

Meanwhile, according to some sources, the primary issue of their divorce was their insecurities.

Eventually, the difficulty for Carmen Carrera in balancing her career aspirations and personal life was the major reason for their divorce.

Despite the divorce, Carmen insisted there was no discomfort on Adrian’s part regarding her lifestyle, and they continued to live their respective lives happily.

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Adrian And Carmen’s Relationship Timeline

Carmen Carrera and Adrian’s relationship timeline spans over a decade, from 2009 to 2021.

The couple began dating in 2009 and soon started living in a domestic partnership before announcing their split in 2013.

Despite the past challenges, the couple decided to give their relationship another shot and appeared in a season of Couples Therapy working on it.

Eventually, the couple decided to take their relationship to another level and married in 2015.

Carmen Carrera captured with her ex husband Adrian.
Carmen and Adrian are no longer together and continue living their own lives. (Source: Out)

Their wedding took place in a private ceremony, different from their initial vision of a grand family wedding in Madrid.

Despite this change, Carmen expressed gratitude for the ceremony Adrian’s daughters, Ahsia and Leeah, attended.

Unfortunately, almost five years after their wedding, the couple decided to part ways and end their relationship in 2021.

Meanwhile, as of 2024, Carmen, seen on her Instagram, is currently dating someone whose name is not disclosed publicly.

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Carmen’s Journey To Becoming A Transgender Women

Carmen Carrera initially found fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a glamorous drag queen.

Later, she publicly announced her decision to transition to a full-time woman in an episode of ABC’s What Would You Do?

However, the decision was initially challenging for her due to concern about her family’s reactions.

Carmen captured during a event.
Carmen Carrera is a well-established model and social media influencer. (Source: Instagram)

Despite the challenges, Carmen took a big step toward her transition and eventually made it public.

Following the announcement, Carmen received overwhelming support for her transgender identity.

Further, she decided to work as a model in various mainstream projects to help people accept and understand diversity better.

Nevertheless, Carmen currently advocates for transgender rights alongside her modeling career.

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