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Carson Senfield Family And Parents: Death – What Happened To Him?

A Florida student was shot while trying to enter the wrong car; Carson Senfield Family wants the answer.

Carson Senfield was studying finance at U.T. The student was a Buffalo native attending Tampa school, leaving both communities in mourning with many unanswered questions.

According to his family, he was celebrating his 19th birthday on the day he was tragically shot to death.

Family And Friends Of Florida Student Mourn After Shooting

After the loss of a University of Tampa student shot and killed Saturday morning while trying to get into a stranger’s car. His friends are planning a candlelight awareness to honor their friend.

The Orchard Park Central School District in New York identified the student as Carson Senfield. In 2021, the boy graduated from Orchard Park High School.

Similarly, more than 900 people have donated to GoFundMe since it opened on Sunday. Some people expressed their thoughts in the comment.

Carson Senfield
A Florida college student was shot while trying to enter the wrong car.
Source: NBC News

However, the Shul family wrote,” Carson was the best! Always displaying laughter, love, and friendship everywhere he went.”

Moreover, some people shared memories on Facebook and posted it was heartbroken to learn of Seinfield’s death.

Furthermore, the money collected through the fund will also provide opportunities for young men and women to have the same passion and success in college that Carson did.

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 Death Of Carson Senfield Parents Demanding For Answer

Carson had been out with his friends celebrating his 19th birthday and took an Uber ride to his home near campus.

The Police said the man had opened Fire on the boy and had been cooperating with investigators.

However, his Father, Darren Senfield, said that no matter how the law enforcement probe ends, his family will never be the same.

Carson Senfield
Fundraiser by L.B.: Supporting the Senfield Family
Source: GoFundMe

The student’s Father, Darren, recalls always telling his son when he dropped him off at college last month to call his mother.

Moreover, the parents don’t have their son; they are mourning, heartbroken, and devasted. Their son was celebrating his birthday hours before the boy was killed.

Furthermore, authorities have not publically identified the shooter, and it’s still not clear whether he will face any criminal charges or not.

Carson’s Father said they would direct the money raised in A GoFundMe to a scholarship later to make sure kids like him who love for people have the chance to go to college.

Carson Senfield Shot Dead After Trying To Get Into Wrong Car: What Happened To Him?

Carson Senfield, a 19-year-old boy, was shot and killed early Saturday morning. During the investigation, the shooter told Police he acted in self-defense.

According to the Police, the investigation is still underway after he left his ride-share and tried to get into another car.

The driver shot and killed the young boy when he exited the Uber and reportedly tried to enter the vehicle of another person parked nearby.

Carson Senfield
University of Tampa student’s Father says the family is trying to ‘decipher’ his death.
Source: The New York Daily Paper

Additionally, Tampa Police said Carson was out on South Howard with friends when he got into an Uber that brought him near his home on West Arch Street. 

Furthermore, the Investigators said that he got out, then tried to get into another car on Saturday after. Also, the driver inside that car alleges he was in fear of his life and shot the student.

Moreover, Police said the shooter has not been arrested and is cooperating with Police. Also, it will now be up to the State Attorney’s Office to decide if the shooter was justified or not.

However, the Senfield parents they knew would never do that. Sinfield’s cousin Andrew said he never heard him raise his voice unless he was laughing, which was a lot.

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