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Who Is Casey Anthony Baby Daddy? Where Are Casey Dad George And Mom, Cindy, Now?

People are going crazy to know about Casey Anthony baby Daddy George, as she breaks her silence after 11 years of being accused of her daughter’s murder.  

After Caylee Anthony’s strange abduction in July 2008, which led to the toddler’s death in December of that same year, a sensational homicide trial against her mother, Casey Anthony, began to take place. 

After many theories concerning George’s involvement in Caylee’s disappearance were presented in court by Casey’s defense attorney, Jose Baez, Casey’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony were prominent figures in the case and media throughout the 2011 trial. 

On November 29, a three-part Peacock docuseries titled Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies will air, featuring Casey Anthony for the first time since Casey was acquitted of all charges related to murder, manslaughter, and child abuse in 2011. She will discuss her father and give her side of the story.

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True crime fans are wondering where Casey’s father, George Anthony is right now and how he’s connected to the case of his granddaughter’s mysterious death, given the renewed interest in the case following the show’s premiere.

Here, we look at George’s relationship with his daughter and granddaughter, the specifics of the trial, and his present circumstances.

Who Is Casey Anthony Baby Daddy? 

Another query that has been on the minds of many closely following the case throughout the trial and the years since is: Where is Caylee Anthony’s father? And why, in some way, hasn’t he stepped forward? The quick answer is that it appears like no one truly knows. 

According to People, when Casey Anthony started to exhibit signs of pregnancy in 2005, she allegedly told her neighbor, Brittany Schieber, that it was a one-night fling and she didn’t know who the father was.

Casey Anthony Baby Daddy
Casey Anthony In An Interview (Source: People)

According to Reuters, Casey’s defense lawyer, Jose Baez, elicited audible gasps in court when he suggested that Casey’s brother Lee or her father could be the culprit.

As a result of years of familial abuse directed at Casey, George Anthony (pictured above) could be Caylee’s father.

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DNA tests revealed that neither Lee nor George Anthony was Caylee’s father, even though George Anthony first refused to refute the allegations of abuse (but has since done so).

The New York Post reported that George Anthony cried during his testimony: “Sir, I would never do such a thing to my daughter. I would never take any action that might put my daughter in danger.”

Legal experts assert that Baez never truly believed that Casey’s brother or her father was Caylee’s father and that she used this argument to win Baez’s sympathy—which Casey essentially did not have in the eyes of the public.

Where Are Casey Dad George And Mom Cindy Now?

George and Cindy Anthony stayed at the Florida home where Casey and Caylee Anthony had lived after the trial.

They continued talking to the media and appearing on talk shows to discuss their lives after their daughter was acquitted of the most serious charges against her.

In an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz on The Dr. Oz Show in 2018, George Anthony talked about his relationship with his daughter.

He said at the time, “She doesn’t need to exist anymore, as far as I’m concerned.” But he then said, “I wish we could do something together.

I mean, I am aware that she has advanced in life. I am aware that she is in a relationship. They are engaged, which is fantastic, and I’m glad about it.”

Casey Anthony Baby Daddy
Casey Anthony’s Parents, George And Cindy (Source: People)

Then, only a few months later, he made another appearance on The Dr. Oz Show and declared that he was prepared to pardon his daughter.

George Anthony revealed that Casey Anthony contacted him following a nearly fatal vehicle accident. He claimed he desired a reconciliation with her.

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At that moment, he remarked, “I just want to tell her I’m sorry.” “You are aware that I pardon her. Although it’s difficult for me to say it, I forgive her because I know that she, my son, and other loved ones and friends who mean a lot to me need my forgiveness. Please pardon me for what I did. To every life.”

Since the trial, George and Cindy Anthony’s Orlando, Florida home — the one they shared with Casey and Caylee Anthony before the toddler’s death — had also come under threat of foreclosure. However, they were able to agree to stop the foreclosure.

Besides interviews about their daughter and granddaughter, the couple appears to have largely avoided the media.



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