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Nebraska Cornhuskers: Who Is Casey Thompson Brother Kendal Thompson? Age Gap And Family Ethnicity

Casey Thompson is an American footballer playing quarterback (QB) for Nebraska Cornhuskers. Many might not know, but he is not the only football player in his family, as his brother also plays in the NCAA.

The #11 Junior, Casey, is a 4-star prospect with a 0.9021 composite rating assigned by 247 Sports.

We can see him in action as his team faces Oklahoma Sooners on September 17 in Memorial Stadium.

Casey Thompson Brother: Who Is Kendal Thompson? Age Gap Details

Casey Thompson has an older brother named Kendal Thompson.

Besides, he also has a younger brother, Cade. He is the middle child in a family of 3 boys.

Casey Thompson brothers parents
Casey Thompson with his brothers and parents.
(Source: Tulsa World)

Like Casey, Kendal Thompson is an American footballer. He primarily plays wide receiver and is currently a free agent.

He initially played QB for teams like Utah Utes and Oklahoma Sooner before transitioning to WR in preparation for the National Football League.

Kendal signed with the Washington Redskins as an undrafted free agent in 2016.

Born on May 14, 1992, Kendal is currently 30 years old, while born on October 3, 1998, Casey is 23. So, Kendal is 7 years older than his younger brother Casey.

The Thompson brothers were both born and raised in Oklahoma City. At 1.88 meters height, Kendal is just a bit taller than Casey, who has a height of 1.85 meters.

Get To Know Casey Thompson Family

Casey is the son of Charles Thompson and Kori Thompson. He was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US.

He comes from an athletic family. His father, Charles, is a former Oklahoma footballer. He played quarterback for Oklahoma in 1987 and 1988.

As discussed above, his bigger brother, Kendal, is also a football player. He spent three seasons at Oklahoma (2011-13) and two seasons at Utah (2014-15).

Casey’s cousins are former Oklahoma defensive back Antonio Perkins and West Virginia senior wide receiver Jordan Thompson. They also achieved NCAA success.

Moreover, his maternal grandfather, Norman Kaubin, also played football. He was a standout offensive guard and later became a longtime coach at Capitol Hill High School. Unfortunately, Kaubin died in 2003 when Casey was five.

Casey was closer to his mother’s family as a kid. Early on, when his father pursued the Canadian Football League, he was raised with a big family, including grandpa Norman, great-grandma Ida, and great-aunt Franda.

Casey Thompson mother family
Casey Thompson with his mother, Kori.
(Source: Instagram)

The family has not always gone through good times. In January 1989, the FBI videotaped Charles selling cocaine to an undercover agent. Sooners suspended him, and the authority convicted him and sentenced him to two years in prison.

But Charles completed his punishment, reaffirmed his Christianity, and is currently a motivational speaker. 

Casey Thompson Ethnicity In Detail

Casey Thompson belongs to the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. He takes pride in his Indigenous roots and knows the value of his Indian culture.

His mother, Kori, is half Kiowa. Since he grew up with his mother’s side of the family, he is very much in touch with his Kiowa side.

The Thompson brothers receive prayers and support from the tribe, headquartered 90 miles southwest of Oklahoma in the town of Carnegie. They are believed to be the first prominent Husker football player with Native roots. 

Kiowas are descendants of chiefs and warriors. That fighting spirit resides in Casey and Kendal, too. There is something about football that has always helped it come out. 

Casey Thompson ethnicity
Casey is blending two worlds: his Native history and love of football.
(Source: Omaha World Herald)

Kendal gained membership in the tribe through his mother in 2014 and received his tribal name in a naming ceremony. The name is pronounced Kooey-shun and translated as Little Wolf. It was passed down by his great-grandfather and meant a lot to him.

Besides, the Thompson family follows Christianity.

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