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Cassie Davis Health And Cancer Update: Death New Viral On Internet- What Happened To Her?

The concern about Cassie Davis health has kept netizens on their toe. Davis has previously been reported with an eye problem.

Cassandra Davis-Patton, an American actress, gained recognition for playing Ella Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and its spinoff series The Paynes.

She is also identified for portraying Betty Ann “Aunt Bam” Murphy in the Madea franchise since 2010.

Along with these roles, Davis has acted in numerous other works directed by Tyler Perry.

Currently, the news of Cassie Davis’s demise due to cancer is widespread on social media. This has caused significant turbulence among her fans.

Please keep reading to find out what happened to the veteran actress.

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Cassie Davis Health And Cancer Update

In the turn of recent events, Cassie Davis is rumored to have suffered from lung cancer. This is nothing but just a hoax spread on the Internet.

Previously, the actress was said to have suffered a stroke, which was false information. 

Cassie Davis was previously diagnosed with Bell's Palsy
Cassie Davis was previously diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (Source: Kemi Filani)

Despite the suspicion that Cassie Davis might have suffered a stroke, she disclosed that her diagnosis was, in fact, Bell’s Palsy.

This medical condition leads to the drooping of facial muscles but does not affect other aspects, such as personality.

During this challenging time, her spouse has provided her with significant support, and she has grown closer to her family and friends.

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What Happened To Cassie Davis: Death News Viral On Internet

There has been a rapid spread of rumors regarding the alleged death of actress Cassie Davis, with some asserting that she had passed away due to lung cancer.

However, her friend and co-star Palmer Williams Jr. has recently taken to Instagram to dismiss these claims and assure fans she is alive and healthy.

Palmer Williams Jr. on his Instagram post clearing that Cassie Davis is alive
Palmer Williams Jr. on his Instagram post clearing that Cassie Davis is alive (Source: Instagram)

In the last 24 hours, various social media posts have emerged, announcing Cassie Davis’ death from cancer, with internet users expressing doubts and shock.

Nevertheless, her House of Payne colleague has confirmed that she is well, and that it seems to be a death hoax that has proliferated on social media.

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Nationality And Acting Career Of Cassie Davis

Cassie Davis, also known as Cassandra Davis-Patton, is an American actress and comedian born on July 31, 1964, in Holly Springs, Mississippi.

The veteran actress Davis began her career as a comedian and performed in various comedy clubs in the 1990s. 

Davis rose to fame by portraying Ella Payne in Tyler Perry’s sitcom, House of Payne, which aired from 2006 to 2012. She reprised her role in the show’s spinoff, The Paynes, in 2018.

Davis started her career as a comedian in the 1990s
Davis started her career as a comedian in the 1990s (Source: Looper)

Besides her work in the House of Payne series, Davis is known for her role as Aunt Bam in several Tyler Perry films.

In addition to Davis’ acting career, she has written and produced several stage plays, including “Ain’t Nothing Like Family” and “Madea’s Class Reunion.”

Over the years, Davis has received several awards and nominations for her work, including six NAACP Image Awards and two BET Comedy Awards.

She is also actively involved in charitable work, supporting causes like breast cancer awareness, HIV/AIDS awareness, and children’s education.

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