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Catherine Engelbrecht Family: Husband Bryan Engelbrecht And Kids

Catherine Engelbrecht family has been searched as the True The Vote Founder was arrested.

Catherine Engelbrecht is a wife, mother, company owner, and lifetime proponent of common sense. She lives in Texas.

Her activist path began in 2008 when the government started pursuing activities that directly contradicted American values of individual liberty and economic independence. 

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She realized she needed to act to safeguard her aging parents, her children, her business, and her church.

In this section, we give information about Catherine Engelbrecht’s spouse, Bryan Engelbrecht, whom she married on September 24, 1994. They eventually divorced.

Catherine received support from her family and chose to take a risk; she quit her family business to work for everyone who believed in America’s greatness and the judo-Christian ideas upon which it was founded.

Catherine launched True the Vote in 2009, intending to restore trust and respect in voting.

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True the Vote placed a major emphasis on voter organization, education, and training, as well as the advancement of comprehensive election reform legislation. She is currently leading this in 30 countries with great success. 

Catherine and True the Vote received the Ronald Reagen Freedom Award from CPAC to appreciate their outstanding work in 2011.

Catherine was named one of Politico’s “50 to Watch” for her commitment to the welfare of the people. She was one of 50 new and rising stars honored with this award.

Catherine Engelbrecht Family: Husband Bryan Engelbrecht And Kids

Catherine Engelbrecht is a mother and business entrepreneur. Catherine Engelbrecht’s husband (now ex-husband), Bryan Engelbrecht, and families were her primary supporters and sources of encouragement throughout her career as a Journalist. 

She inspired anyone who believed in America’s greatness and the credibility of the Judo-Christian foundation upon which it was built.

Catherine Engelbrecht
Catherine Engelbrecht With Her Daughter And Son (Source: World-Wire)

Catherine attended the University of Houston and earned a BA in Marketing.

She married twice, the first time in February 1990, but the marriage did not last. She married Bryan Engelbrecht on September 24, 1994, after her divorce.

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She and Bryan have two children, William and Elizabeth. She resides on her farm near Cat Springs, Texas, with her two children.

Catherine was a small-business owner in Southeast Texas in the 2000s and was not politically active. However, Obama’s victory as president in 2008 irritated her to the point where she became involved in local Tea Party actions, such as demonstrations and meetings.

Catherine Engelbrecht Political Career

She became interested in politics only after 2008 when she recognized that the government and politicians were making decisions that contradicted the American ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness during the Presidential race. She became known as a life activist.

Despite being a wife, mother, founder, and board member of her church, officer of her children’s school’s PTO, municipal volunteer, and company owner, she accepted the duty of preserving the nation’s ideals.

She considered her children, aging parents, business, church, and country, and with her family’s backing, she left the family business to work full-time for American principles.

She and her husband, Bryan Engelbrecht, founded the nonprofit King Street Patriots, which educated volunteers to canvass largely Black and Latino neighborhoods in Harris County. This group was charged with breaching a law prohibiting nonprofits from being overtly political.

Catherine Engelbrecht True The Vote

True the Vote was founded in 2009 to restore election integrity. True, voting is a component of King Street Patriots. It is a nonprofit organization that educates voters, trains and mobilizes volunteers to assist in polling places, and advocates for election code reform legislation.

True the Vote is now working with 30 states, focusing on specific conditions and counties recognized to have historically problematic election procedures. Catherine is a politics student, but she has always used common sense.

Catherine Engelbrecht
Catherine Engelbrecht At A Program Of True The Vote (Source: World-Wire)

She advocated for Texas’ draconian voter ID bill in 2013. Cathrine and her husband divorced a year later, and Bryan Engelbrecht resigned from True the Vote’s board of directors. Gregg Phillips, a long-time Republican operator, was appointed to the role.

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Catherine and Phillips’ friendship extended far beyond True the Vote. Their businesses shared the same mailing address, and Engelbrecht 2016 was appointed CFO of one of Phillips’ businesses. They even did not dispute having a lover in court records.

Catherine has spoken to grassroots activists across the country and has been featured on television and radio as a nationally renowned spokeswoman for voters’ rights and free expression.



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