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Catriona Gray Leaked Video And Photo: Scandal And Controversy

Catriona Gray leaked video, and the scandal still makes headlines on the internet, which was the incident from 2020. Let’s find out what her controversy was all about.

Catriona Gray is a renowned Australian-born Filipino model and singer who has long been active in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Gray is also a beauty queen, youth advocate and arts ambassador. Gray is widely known for winning the title of Miss Universe 2018 becoming the fourth Filipina to win the Miss Universe competition.

Likewise, Catriona Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016. Apart from her professional work, Gray was once dragged into a controversy, which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Catriona Gray Leaked Video And Photo

Catriona Gray leaked video has also been a most searched topic on the internet. This was also related to the incident from the past. Many unverified sources on the internet posted explicit videos of Catriona on social media.

Instantly, the fake video went viral, and it dragged the eyes of many people. Following that, people began asking multiple questions as many believed it was real, while some criticized it by saying it was fake.

Catriona Gray Leaked Video
Catriona Gray is a model whose leaked video was fake. ( Source: Instagram )

The truth is the viral video was fake, which was shared on social media just to get attention and drag Gray into the controversy. It’s been a long time since the video was shared, and netizens still search for it.

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Catriona Gray Responds To Fake Video and Photos

Catriona Gray went viral after her fake intimate videos, and photos were posted online. After that, many of her well-wishers waited for the beauty queen to address the rumors, as it had created confusion among many people.

However, Gray didn’t comment anything about this topic, but she released a statement through her lawyer Joji Alonso.

In the statement, it was said that Gray was aware of the ongoing rumors and that the person liable for releasing them would face penal sanctions accordingly.

Catriona Gray Responds
Catriona Gray released a statement regarding the fake photos through her lawyer. ( Source: Instagram )

Likewise, Gray received support from many people, including her partner Sam Milby. He talked about the incident and showed support to his partner, saying that he would be with Catriona at every moment and protect her.

Now, we can be clear that Gray is doing well in her life, and to get updated on her lifestyle, we can follow Catriona on Instagram as @catriona_gray. 

Catriona Gray Scandal and Controversy Explained

Catriona Gray was involved in a scandal in 2020. Due to the unwanted controversy, her name made headlines. All of these started when an unauthorized source shared fake intimate videos and photos of Gray.

When an unauthorized posted fake photos of Gray, it began getting viral on other social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Catriona Gray Scandal
Catriona Gray was dragged into the controversy in 2020 when her fake photos were shared. ( Source: Instagram )

Due to that, many initially believed it was Gray’s real images. However, it has no truth as it was edited, and they were created just to defame Gray’s personality.

After that, many showed support for the Filipino beauty queen and even said that the fake pictures were made just to get likes and views on their post.

So, this becomes clear that all the controversy began in 2020 when Gray’s fake images were posted on social media.

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