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Cédric Charbit Balenciaga CEO Scandal And Controversy: Slammed Over Ads Featuring Kids

The luxury brand Balenciaga is tied up in a scandal. They were slammed over ads featuring kids holding a teddy bear dressed in bondage.

Balenciaga is a high-end French fashion brand. The Fashion House was founded in 1919 by the Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga in Spain.

The brand produces a wide range of products, including footwear, handbags, ready-to-wear, and accessories.

Cédric Charbit is the CEO of Balenciaga. The former Saint Laurent Executive joined the luxury fashion House in November 2016.

 He is also a part of Kering’s Executive committee. Charbit is a graduate of ESC Toulouse Business School.

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Cédric Charbit Balenciaga CEO Scandal And Controversy: Slammed Over Ads Featuring Kids

The fashion brand Balenciaga has been in hot water after some photographs of their Spring 23 Campaign sparked backlash on social media.

In one picture, a blonde-haired little girl was wearing a black T-shirt from the brand. Instead of her dress, a strap-connected white bear she was holding drew more attention. There was a padlocked choker around the bear’s neck as a part of its vest.

In another photo, a brunette-haired girl wore a blue dress and clutched a purple plush animal wearing similar BDSM clothing.

Cédric Charbit Balenciaga CEO
Balenciaga ads photographs that featured little girls with bears in bondage outfits. (Source: Twitter)

Another picture featured Balenciaga’s Hourglass handbag. There were scattered papers next to the bag. One of those documents was about virtual child pornography, reported New York Post.

The National Geographic photographer Gabriele Galimberti took the pictures. The talented photographer is known for his work related to Toy Stories and children’s projects and portfolios.

Online Shoppers Spotted The Ads And Were Infuriated

Many people called the advertisements featuring young kids disgusting and over-sexualized.

One Twitter user said she thought people were trolling. She fumed, saying these children were holding teddy bears dressed in bondage outfits and assumed that Balenciaga left the platform as they mightn’t want to be held accountable.

After deleting its Twitter account in early November 2022, the fashion brand became the first to delete it.

Another user alleged that the brand included a purposely poorly hidden court document about virtual child porn.

Another social media user disappointed said, “Ew, even if the rest is too “conspiracy theory” for the small-brained people out there, WHY would you have a child holding a teddy bear with bondage gear on? So gross!”

From creative designers to photographers to managers – none of the staff noticed it, how frightening another person added.

Actress Nicole Kidman and model Bella Hadid have been ambassadors for the brand. While the model deleted her recent Instagram post, the Actress posted some snaps promoting the label’s spring 23 Campaign.

Balenciaga Apologised For The Offense

Balenciaga apologized after heavy criticism and removed all the pictures related to the Campaign from all of their platforms. The apology came after a few days.

The brand posted a statement in an Instagram story. The note reads, “we sincerely apologize for any offense our holiday (Spring 23) Campaign may have caused.”

In addition, the apology note said the plush bear bags should not have been featured with kids in this Campaign. Two hours later, the brand issued a second apology after people pointed out the controversial document.

Cédric Charbit Balenciaga CEO
Balenciaga’s apology statements. (Source: Paper Magazine)

Balenciaga made a second statement after initially apologizing for publishing disturbing documents. They stated they took the issue seriously and would file a lawsuit against the individuals responsible for the set.

The brand concluded the statement by saying they strongly condemn child abuse in any form and stand for their safety and well-being.

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