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Chad Doerman Parents: Where Are Convict’s Father & Mother?

As soon as the news of Chad Doerman allegedly killing his sons made headlines, the internet was flooded with curiosity regarding his family, including the details of his parents to know about his upbringing. 

Chad Doerman allegedly shot and killed his three young sons in an execution-style in the family’s home in Monroe Township, Ohio, on June 15th, 2023.

He faces charges for committing one of the most horrific and unimaginable crimes, the murders of his children.

Though he pleaded not guilty in the case, the tragedy of the deaths of three innocent children has not only shaken the community but also triggered local as well as national news coverage.

With that, his trial is scheduled for July 2024. However, Chad’s counsel alleges law enforcement violated his rights during interrogations immediately following the murders.

Now, people are surfing the internet to learn more about the background of Chad Doerman, including his parents.

Chad Doerman Parents: Where Are The Convict’s Father & Mother?

Well, as per the information we get, the parents of Chad Doeerman are Keith and Gloria Doerman.

They also came out after the murder incident of their grandsons, of which their son Chad was accused. 

Meanwhile, as parents, they couldn’t believe anything that Chad Doerman could do about such actions.

The father complained to reporters that his son just snapped and did not seem like himself, with an awful void in his eyes.

On the other hand, the other witnesses’ testimonies created a different image of Chad’s actions in the months leading up to the murders.

Moreover, neighbors testified that he was highly high-strung, frequently screaming at his wife and children.

However, his parents did not perceive any outward signs of inner turmoil in Chad Doerman from the social media platforms.

Chad Doerman sons
Chad Doerman lined up and executed his kids. (Source: Twitter)

His mother kindly posted comments on his Facebook threads with his sons only days before the tragedy occurred.

The contradictory stories leave holes in the mystery of the possibly overlooked signs.

The father of Chad hardly understands his son’s capabilities for violence against his children.

Likewise, his mother’s social media presence shows Chad portrayed as a doting father right up until the murders.

Their reactions highlight the immense difficulty of accepting such an inconceivable crime from their flesh and blood.

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Details On The Current Status Of Chad Doerman Case

Currently, Chad Doerman’s defense team has filed a motion to suppress key evidence that they allege law enforcement obtained illegally during interrogations.

Specifically, they are saying that Chad asked for a lawyer many times. But the police kept asking him questions without letting him talk to a lawyer first.

They seek to have all statements made thrown out. Moreover, the defense says the police took advantage of Chad’s confused mental state.

They questioned him without consent, even when medical staff were present.

The violations alleged, if true, could seriously damage the prosecution’s case against Chad Doerman.

Chad Doerman standing with a sad face
Chad Doerman’s case is indeed a tragic and deeply disturbing one. (Source: Twitter)

But Chad made his confession to murdering his sons, making up a significant portion of the existing evidence.

Beyond concerns over interrogation procedures, Chad’s defense also anticipates arguing that he was not mentally competent to waive his rights or assist in his defense willingly.

They may mount an insanity plea to the jury as the trial proceeds. Amidst all this, it remains unclear whether mental health will play a central role.

In the meantime, Chad continues awaiting trial in jail, with bail set prohibitively high at $5 million.

The capital murder charges he faces carry the possibility of the death penalty. The trial is scheduled to begin in July 2024, nearly 18 months after the shocking murders.

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