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Chad Doerman Wife: Why Did He Kill His 3 kids? Arrest And Charge

People want to know about Chad Doerman wife. In Clermont County, three young boys were fatally shot; their father was charged with murder.

According to the sheriff’s office, the father of three young boys who were shot and murdered on Thursday in Clermont County has been taken into custody and charged with aggravated murder.

Around 4 pm, police were called to report a shooting in the 1900 block of Laurel Lindale Road.

The responding deputies found Four persons shot outside a house on Laurel Lindale Road. The first responders failed in their attempts to save the three little boys’ lives.

According to the sheriff’s office, all three gunshot victims passed away as a result of their wounds right away.

One of the boys attempted to flee into a neighboring field, but Doerman “hunted” him down and dragged him back to their house before killing him. Read on to learn more about Chad Doerman wife.

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Chad Doerman Wife: Why Did He Kill His Three Kids?

According to the sheriff’s office, Chad Doerman wife, the unnamed 34-year-old mother, was outside the house when she was shot in the hand. Her injuries weren’t life-threatening, so she was taken to the hospital.

Sheriff of Clermont County Robert Leahy claims that he met her at the hospital and broke the awful news to her about her three sons. Alexis, the older brother’s sister, managed to flee the carnage.

A guy who was eventually identified as the boy’s father, Chad Doerman, 32, was sitting on a step outside the house when deputies arrived on the scene.

At the scene, Doerman was apprehended and transferred to the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, where he was interrogated by detectives.

Chad Doerman Wife
Chad Doerman wife was also shot along with her kids. (Source: The Independent)

According to a news release from the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to the home in Monroe Township shortly before 4:30 pm on Thursday after receiving two 911 calls.

One from a woman who was yelling that “her babies had been shot” and another from a passing driver who reported seeing a girl running down the street screaming that her “father was killing people,” according to the release.

Deputies discovered three youngsters, aged 3, 4, and 7, outside the house with gunshot wounds. Despite their best efforts, the boys passed away at the site.

Gast remarked, “They held these kids knowing there was nothing they could do.” How can you avoid seeing such abominations? The boys’ names are still a secret.

Arrest And Charge Of Chad Doerman

When a prosecutor announced in court on Friday that Doerman had acknowledged lining the boys up in the yard and shooting them, he was charged with three counts of aggravated murder.

A reason for the shootings has not yet been disclosed by officials.

Approximately 75 miles west of Columbus, in Monroe Township, neighbors reported hearing multiple rounds fired in what they described as a typically peaceful and quiet community.

Chad Doerman Wife
Chad is arrested and charged with murdering his kids. (Source: Yahoo! News)

The children’s school, Monroe Elementary in the New Richmond Exempted Village School District, had grief counselors on hand on Friday, according to WKRC.

Bail for Doerman has been set at $20 million. In the Clermont County Jail, he was detained. “This is by far the most disgusting, heinous crime I have ever witnessed.

As their father—their protector—killed them, Clermont County Prosecutor Mark Tekulve reportedly remarked, “I can only image the terror these tiny boys endured and experienced.”

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