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Where Is Charla Nash Now? Before And After Chimp Travis Attack

The 2009 Sandra Herold Pet Chimp attack was all over the news, as the victim, Charla Nash, lives a completely different life 15 years later. Let’s explore her inspiring journey.

Charla Nash is the name that initially made headlines in the year 2009 after she went through a horrific chimpanzee attack.

Her life turned upside down after the attack left her with multiple injuries on her face and limbs.

She was the friend of the owner of the chimpanzee named Travis.

Charla Nash was a frequent visitor to their home and had bonded many times with Travis, the chimp, before the attack.

After the unfortunate event, she became the focus of various news channels in America for a long time.

The people who remember the attack are willing to know about the whereabouts of Charla Nash now.

Charla Nash Now: Before And After Unthinkable Attack From Sandra Herold Pet Chimp Travis

Charla Nash, after the attack from Travis, the chimpanzee, had to go through multiple surgeries.

The surgeries that she had to go through were very intense because most of it was on her face and hands.

Not one but four different teams of surgeons had to come together to decide what procedures would be best for her.

Charla Nash Before
Charla was very different before the attack, physically and psychologically. (Source: Twitter)

During the attack, Travis, the chimpanzee, had misplaced her jaw.

The doctors had to reattach it for her to talk or eat properly.

The reattachment of Charla Nash’s jaw area has now made her unrecognizable.

Meanwhile, the attack and the injuries were so brutal that it took a long time for the doctors and experts to find out how they could help her in the best possible way.

After two years, in 2011, Charla finally got a face and hand transplant from Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

The surgery was not easy and had a lot of complications.

Charla Nash had to go through various health problems like pneumonia and kidney failure during the process of the transplants.

Travis Chimp and Charla Nash
Travis Chimp and Charla were very close as Travis was used to her being around. (Source: Twitter)

Fortunately, she survived those health complications and the very intense surgery procedure.

Charla Nash is now finally able to do daily tasks like feeding herself.

The transplant gave her some independence after two long years.

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Charla Nash’s Inspiring Journey: How She Rebuilt Her Life, 15 Years Later?

Not only physical, but Charla Nash had to go through various psychological impacts after the attack.

The doctors had to aid her with a lack of memory to recover her psychologically.

Now, 15 years after the attack, Charla Nash lives completely differently.

She is a famous motivational speaker who loves inspiring people to find a new purpose after traumatic incidents like hers.

She also likes arranging fundraisers for her friends who need help.

Charla Nash now
Charla now looks much different from her initial days after the attack. (Source: Twitter)

In an interview, Charla mentions that she loves listening to radio and audiobooks.

Learning new things makes her feel independent and happy.

The big change before and after the attack on the life of Charla Nash is extremely motivational.

She could have chosen to live completely dependent on her family, but she created a different identity.

Charla is a great example of how important it is to remain positive.

Her work as a motivational speaker has also given her new fame as a strong woman, not a victim.

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