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Charles Coleman Jr Wikipedia: The Attorney, MSNBC Legal Analyst

A leading personality in the legal field, Charles Coleman Jr is a seasoned attorney, and questions arise about his Wikipedia page.

Charles Coleman Jr is a well-known American DICE Champion and a legal analyst.

As a civil rights attorney, Coleman specializes in EEO law, human resources, and capital solutions.

Further, he is one of the country’s leading voices and advocates for social justice.

Coleman has been featured on a wide range of national media platforms, offering analysis and commentary.

Moreover, he provides a unique perspective on race and culture through discussions.

Now, people are curious to learn more about the analyst Charles Coleman Jr, including his Wikipedia page.

Charles Coleman Jr Wikipedia: Family Details Of The Attorney

Despite being a public figure, Charles Coleman Jr does not have a Wikipedia page yet.

However, various news reports provide us with some details about the seasoned civil rights attorney.

Charles Coleman Jr was born in the States to hard-working parents.

Charles Coleman Jr in a suit
Charles Coleman Jr. was a prosecutor in the DA’s office. (Source: Twitter)

Further, he attended Howard University after graduating with his high school diploma in 1998.

Later, Charles Coleman Jr pursued a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and graduated during the 2000s.

After his education, his career began as a freelance writer at The Root.

Later, Charles Coleman Jr became a civil rights attorney after officially beginning as a prosecutor.

Coleman started his legal journey in King’s Court District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York.

While there, he excelled quickly and was hand-picked to join the specialized gangs unit.

Moreover, Coleman has prosecuted some of the city’s most dangerous and violent criminals in high-profile cases.

Further, for his efforts as a trial attorney, Coleman was awarded the 2007 Law Enforcement Appreciation Award.

Charles Coleman Jr wearing glasses
Charles Coleman Jr. has appeared on CNN and Fox News. (Source: Facebook)

Meanwhile, he was also a law clerk at the Brandy Center for Gun Violence Prevention.

On the other hand, the legal analyst is known for sharing very limited information about his personal life.

Since Charles Coleman Jr does not have a Wikipedia page, details about his birth date are also not available.

However, based on the details about his education and career history, we can assume that he is in his mid-40s as of 2023.

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Know The MSNBC Legal Analyst: Charles Coleman Jr Career Details

After his experiences at the DA’s office, Charles Coleman Jr transferred to the area of civil rights.

Later, he focused more on the Equal Employment Opportunity Law while advancing the conversation on race and culture.

Coleman also supports private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Moreover, the advocate works to create a diverse and inclusive workspace.

Likewise, with his knowledge, Coleman is able to speak clearly about criminal justice.

Charles Coleman Jr with a mic
Coleman has spoken about gun violence and its prevention. (Source: Facebook)

This has made him one of the most notable contributors across television, radio, and media outlets.

Further, Coleman covers a variety of topics from law, politics, culture, and community.

He has appeared frequently on CNN and Arise News, among many other networks.

After years of working, he joined the MSNBC team as their newest legal contributor two years ago.

It was a huge milestone in Coleman’s career, which he was incredibly proud of.

Likewise, he has been a legal commenter for Fox 5 News, Hot 97 FM, and Huffington Post Live.

Along with that, Coleman has written pieces for Huff Post, The Root, Blavity, and EBONY.

Moreover, Coleman currently serves as a host of his podcast.

In his podcast, he invites guests and delves into topics that affect our daily lives directly or indirectly.

Coleman Jr in a suit and tie
Coleman has had a significant legal career. (Source: Facebook)

Now, Coleman has earned a decent fortune from working and made a net worth of $2 million.

Many admire the work of the advocate in important topics and related fields.

Currently, fans are admiring Charles Coleman Jr for his ongoing show The Beat with Ari Melber and his talks on the current issue of former president Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, we hope that Wikipedia will contribute a page for Charles Coleman Jr with more details about his personal life.

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