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Charlie Dizon Parents: Father Ramon And Mother Nida Matienzo

Winning over the hearts of many with her charm and demeanor, Charlie Dizon is a star you certainly don’t want to miss out on. And now people are curious to know about Charlie Dizon parents.

Charlie Dizon, born on April 12, 1996, as April Rose Dizon Matienzo, is a Filipino actress, model, singer and dancer.

She is an unstoppable phenomenon in acting, popularly known for her roles in movies like ‘Fan Girl,’ ‘A Soldier’s Heart,’ ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding,’ ‘Sin Island’ and ‘Bagani.’

As a result, she is loved by the audiences in her country for her impressive performances in both feature films and TV series.

Who Are Charlie Dizon Parents? Family And Ethnicity

Charlie Dizon was born into a well-settled and reputed family where her Dizon parents are Ramon Matienzo and Nida Dizon.

Talking about the parents of Charlie Dizon, in the 80’s and 90’s, her mother, Nida Dizon, was an antecedent trouper.

She was a singer who made appearances in several films and TV shows.

Charlie Dizon with her mother
Charlie wishes her mother a happy Mother’s Day with this post. (Source: Instagram)

Nida’s famous works include ‘Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan,’ ‘Tinik sa Dibdib,’ ‘Mga Anak ni Facifica Falayfay,’ and ‘Buhay Artista Ngayon.’

She also sang a composition by George Canseco, the theme song for the movie ‘Kapag Puso’y Sinugatan.’

Currently, Nida is a homemaker and takes care of her family.

Meanwhile, Charlie Dizon’s father, Ramon Matienzo, is an entrepreneur.

He owns a construction company that operates in Batangas and different provinces.

Charlie Dizon with her father
Charlie wishes her father a happy Father’s Day with this post. (Source: Instagram)

Charlie Dizon parents also have two other daughters, Crussette and Michelle, who also decided to follow in their parent’s footsteps and are a part of the entertainment industry.

Michelle is an actress and a host, while Crusette, on the other hand, is a singer and member of the girl group ‘Pop Girls.

The actress’s two sisters and parents seem very supportive and proud of her accomplishments as they accompany her to events and award shows.

Born in the Philippines, Charlie is a multitalented and multifaceted actress. As per her Filipino background, she can be deemed as an Asian in terms of her ethnicity.

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Charlie Dizon: Career In The Entertainment Industry

Charlie is a multifaceted trouper who debuted in the entertainment industry with the film ‘Finally Found Someone’ in 2017.

Subsequently, the same year, she made cameos in the movies ‘Loving in Tandem’ and ‘Seven Sundays.’

Since 2018, she has been working under the management of Star Magic Artist Agency. The same year, Charlie made an appearance in the movie Sin Island. 

In March 2018, she was one of the thirteen promising members that the Star Magic Agency announced as the 2018 Star Magic Circle.

The following year, she made a cameo in the fantasy-drama series ‘Parasite Island.’

Charlie Dizon in a beautiful pink dress
Charlie Dizon is a talented actress in the Filipino entertainment industry. (Source: Instagram)

In 2020, Charlie appeared in the TV series ‘A Soldier’s Heart’ and in movies including ‘Fan Girl’ and ‘Four Sisters Before the Wedding.’

She bagged the Best Actress Award at the Metro Manila Film Festival for her depiction of a fan girl.

So far, Charlie has won 3 awards and received six nominations for her characters.

She also starred in the 2021 drama series ‘My Sunset Girl’ and ‘Viral Scandal.’ Also, Charlie once trained as a K-Pop idol under a Korean talent management company.

Besides that, the actress has garnered 670k followers on Instagram and 2.6M followers on Facebook with her bubbly charm and award-winning talent.

Further, Charlie is also a YouTuber who has managed to amass about 71.6k subscribers on YouTube.

Charlie is truly an artist to be reckoned with, as the audience gets enthralled by her incredible talent. With her multifaceted talent, she is bound to make a name on global platforms.

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