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Charlie Rock LD Cause Of Death And Obituary: Terror Squad Died Of Heart Attack

The cause of Charlie Rock LD’s death was a heart attack, according to sources close to the hip-hop collective Terror Squad.

Cuban Link, an original member of the hip-hop collective known as Terror Squad, has confirmed the death of Charlie Rock LD, a founding member of the group. 

Terror Squad was a hip-hop collective that gained widespread fame and recognition in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The success of Terror Squad catapulted Fat Joe, whose real name is Joseph Cartagena, to stardom. 

Fat Joe is credited with hits like “What’s Luv” and “Up.” DJ Khaled also gained fame and popularity as he was associated with Terror Squad.

Unfortunately, the group has suffered a loss, as reports indicate that Charlie Rock LD has passed away.

Charlie Rock LD Cause Of Death From Heart Attack

According to several sources, Charlie Rock LD, one of the founding members of hip hop collective Terror Squad, passed away, reportedly due to a heart attack

The US Sun has reported that Cuban Link, a member of the hip-hop group Terror Squad, has confirmed the death of Charlie Rock LD. (Source: Twitter)

Cuban Link, another original member of the group, confirmed the news of his unfortunate demise. However, there has been no official statement from his family members regarding the cause of his death.

As of now, no information has been disclosed regarding the funeral arrangements, but it is expected to be revealed soon. 

It is a great loss for the hip-hop community as Charlie Rock LD was not only a part of the legendary Terror Squad. 

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After being released from prison, he also reinvented himself by becoming a life coach, youth mentor, motivational speaker, and podcast host.

Charlie Rock LD Obituary Details 

The sudden and unexpected death of Charlie Rock LD has left friends, family, and the entire community in shock and mourning.

The tweet from DDTVPromo confirms the passing of Charlie Rock LD, an original member of Terror Squad, who passed away recently. (Source: Twitter)

Many people struggle to accept the news of his passing, as there appears to be no clear cause of death. TipToe, a close friend of Charlie, expressed her condolences on Twitter and shared how devastated she was by the news. 

She revealed that they had become good friends and spoke daily and that she had missed his call on the day he passed. TipToe spoke highly of Charlie and their developing friendship and shared that he had even spoken to her mother and daughter. 

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She concluded her tweet by saying she would miss him dearly and offering her respects.

Who Was Charlie Rock LD?

Charlie Rock LD was an early member of Terror Squad, a hip-hop collective that gained fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

However, he was incarcerated at 18 and received a 10-20 year sentence for refusing to cooperate with the authorities. While in prison, Charlie fought with a fellow inmate to defend Fat Joe, a fellow member of Terror Squad.

After serving his sentence, Charlie Rock LD transformed himself and became a life coach, youth mentor, and motivational speaker. He even hosted his podcast Reppin’ Da Real, where he shared his hip-hop experiences and his life story. 

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Despite his troubled past, Charlie positively impacted his community by mentoring young people and helping them overcome their challenges.


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