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Charlotte Powdrell Net Worth After Lawsuit And Real Estate Details

People have been discussing Charlotte Powdrell net worth online after she filed a lawsuit against Israel Adesanya.

Charlotte Powdrell, a real estate agent, recently gained attention after marrying Israel Adesanya, a mixed martial artist, kickboxer, and former boxer.

She has a diverse professional background, previously working as a nurse before transitioning into the property industry.

While their relationship was initially private, it became public knowledge following Adesanya’s victory over Robert Whittaker at UFC 243 in 2019.

However, the couple parted ways in early 2020, and the reasons behind their breakup remained unknown until Adesanya’s recent outburst on social media.

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Charlotte Powdrell Net Worth After Lawsuit 

According to UFC bantamweight fighter Sean O’Malley, Adesanya could be sued for half his reported net worth of $4 million due to his public comments against Powdrell.

If Powdrell wins her lawsuit, she could have assets worth $2 million, which means her net worth will be more than $2 million. 

But her net worth will only be counted as $2 million if she wins her lawsuit with her ex-boyfriend Israel. 

Charlotte Powdrell is reportedly seeking fifty percent of Israel Adesanya's assets.
Charlotte Powdrell is reportedly seeking fifty percent of Israel Adesanya’s assets. (Image Source: Pluse Sports)

UFC star Sean O’Malley has expressed his perspective on the situation involving Israel Adesanya and Charlotte Powdrell.

O’Malley finds it strange that Powdrell would expect to receive half of Adesanya’s assets, particularly considering they were not married. O’Malley shared his thoughts on the matter on his YouTube channel.

People have been sharing negative comments about Powdrell as the lawsuit has been filed.

Following their breakup, Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, has attracted attention and made headlines, especially after Adesanya accused her of being a gold digger.

Despite not being married and not having any children together, Powdrell has reportedly taken legal action against Adesanya, claiming half of his millions and net worth.

While Powdrell had her income, she is seeking a significant portion of Adesanya’s assets.

Charlotte Powdrell Real Estate Details

Charlotte Powdrell, who is Israel Adesanya’s former girlfriend, works as a real estate agent.

There is no publicly accessible information regarding her real estate holdings or transactions in Charlotte. She has kept her financial information private. 

But there have been many questions regarding Israel’s real estate details as well; he is fond of cars and has often seen himself treated with a new car. 

He treated himself to a 2019 Orange McLaren 720s Spider, described as “overcompensating” in the photo caption. The cost of this luxurious car is approximately $315,000 or N119,857,500.

Israel Adesanya owns a McLaren 720s Spider, a luxury car model.
Israel Adesanya owns a McLaren 720s Spider, a luxury car model. (Image Source: Carmart.ng)

As part of his car collection, Israel Adesanya owns a Range Rover, which he shared pictures of on Instagram in 2019.

The Range Rover has a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine, producing 518 horsepower and 461 pound-feet of torque. It has a respectable acceleration speed, from 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds, and a top speed of 141 mph.

This particular Range Rover is from the 4th generation model and has a starting price of approximately ₦44,0000,00.

Adesanya resides in Auckland, New Zealand, although it is unclear if he owns a property there.

In 2019, reports suggested that he was involved in investments related to blocks of apartments situated on Whanganui Liverpool Street in New Zealand.

Israel has an apparent affinity for cars and has openly discussed his car collection. However, limited information about his residence or any other property he may own is available.

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