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Is Chaya Raichik Jewish? Religion, Ethnicity Of Libs Of TikTok Face

The founder of Libs Of Tiktok, Chaya Raichik, is making people curious about what ethnicity she belongs to, as in one of her pictures, she is celebrating a Jewish festival. Let’s explore.

Chaya Raichik is the founder of the infamous Libs of TikTok. She was born in the year 1995 on January 3rd.

She is also a contributor to the non-profit organization group Turning Point USA.

Many people did not know who Chaya Raichik was initially, but recently, she has been getting many followers on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

 Meanwhile, as a founder of Libs of TikTok, Chaya often receives a lot of criticism online.

Furthermore, people are also often curious about her background and ethnicity, as they wonder if Chaya Raichick is Jewish.

Chaya Raichik Sparks Controversy With Bold Views: Is She Jewish?

Chaya Raichik often discusses very controversial topics. Some of them are even offensive to a certain community of people.

She is very open about her views on LGBTQ+ people, and most of the time, she ends up angering them.

Not only that, but Chaya is also often very vocal about her political ideologies, but some of them fail to impress large groups of people online.

Chaya Raichik
Chaya Raichik does not hesitate to speak her thoughts out loud. (Source: Twitter)

This is why so many of them are curious to know what ethnicity she belongs to.

They will be quite surprised to know that Chaya Raichik is an orthodox Jewish.

She has made many posts on her Twitter, where she is seen celebrating the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.

Nonetheless, Chaya Raichik is very proud of her Jewish heritage and identity.

However, the revelation of Chaya Raichik being Jewish has also created a lot of problems for an unrelated person.

As we all know, Chaya initially was not very open about her identity. So, not many did not know what she looked like or where she came from.

Chaya Raichik celebrating hanukkah
Chaya Raichik has multiple posts on her Twitter on Hanukkah, and it appears she loves the festival very much. (Source: Twitter)

So, after some people found that she was Jewish, they searched for a Jewish woman named Chaya Raichik online.

But they tracked down the wrong Chaya Raichik on Instagram, and she became a victim of the netizen’s rage.

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Identity Mix-Up: Backlash Against Chaya Raichik And The Unintended Consequences For An Innocent Party

Unsurprisingly, the real Chaya Raichik, the founder of the Libs of TikTok, has angered many people.

So, they started writing very aggressively to the wrong Chaya Raichik.

One person even tracked down the number of the wrong Chaya’s parents and shared it with everyone.

The woman finally had enough of it and spoke out about the confusion.

She also wrote about how afraid she was of all the threats and how it was also affecting her family.

Chaya Raichik jewish
Chaya has as many supporters as her haters because of her views. (Source: Twitter)

While this situation is unfortunate, it sheds light on how many disagree with Chaya’s words.

Even other Jewish people are now coming forward to express dissatisfaction with Chaya Raichik.

Like everyone in the USA, she also has the right to speak her mind.

But sadly, it may have further created a problem for many other Jews who are often the victims of stereotypes.

Chaya has not spoken about the other women getting threats, and neither has she addressed the hate that she is getting.

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