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15 Cheapest Dog Breeds

Let’s check out The Top 15 Cheapest Dog Breeds !!

Who would not like to keep dogs as their pet ?? Dogs are considered human’s best companions for numerous reasons.

We’ve all seen how adorable dogs can be and how much fun they can be to play with. Just 15-30 minutes with your dog can make you feel a whole lot calmer and more relaxed.

Having a pet may be costly, let’s admit it. Even those with a low income, however, want to reap the benefits of owning a dog.

So we’ve compiled the list of cheapest dog breeds for you.

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Rank Name Cost
15. Dalmatian $700
14. German Wirehaired Pointer $700
13. Chihuahua $650
12. Irish Terrier $650
11. American Pit Bull Terrier $600
10. Manchester Terrier $600
9. Otterhound $550
8. Pembroke Welsh Corgi $550
7. Australian Silky Terrier $550
6. Border Collie $525
5. Miniature Pinscher $500
4. American Foxhound $475
3. Cesky Terrier $400
2. Pug $350
1. Beagle $200-$500

Cheapest Dog Breeds

The information has been gathered from the trusted sites like Wikipedia and topdogtips.

15. Dalmatian- $700

Among other names, Dalmatian is known as the Plum Pudding Dog and the English Coach Dog. With a purchase price of $700, this breed ranks 15th on our list of cheapest dog breeds.

It’s now a popular household pet. However, these breeds were employed as carriage dogs in the past.

Likewise, Dalmatian is distinguished by its distinctive white coat, which is speckled with black or brown patches.

Dalmatian coats are often short, thick, and fine.

Dalmatian cheapest dog breed
Dalmatian Cheapest Dog Breed (Source: Vetstreet)

Also, in comparison to many other dog breeds, Dalmatians have no dog odor (“dog smell”).

As a result, this breed’s bathing cost is $30.

Besides, Dalmatians are prone to various health issues, including bladder stones, hearing, and allergies.

Thus, they have a minimum healthcare expenditure of $700 throughout the course of their 10-13 years of life span.

14. German Wirehaired Pointer- $700

Originally, the German Wirehaired Pointer was known as a competent hunting dog. With only an average purchase price of $700, it ranks 14th on our list of the 15 cheapest dog breeds.

The bushy beard and brows of this breed are its distinguishing traits. And, their coat is also water-repellent and weather-resistant.

As a result, this enables them to walk in inclement weather as well.

Moreover, brushing the German Wirehaired Pointer once a week is recommended, and bathing can only be done when absolutely required.

Also, bathing costs are low, at about $35.

And, over the course of its 12-to 14-year life span, this breed’s healthcare costs total at around $1,700.

13. Chihuahua- $650

Some kennel associations consider Chihuahuas as the smallest breed. This breed comes in two different variants.

The one has a silky coat, whereas the other has a lengthy coat. Both of these breeds, however, are easy to maintain.

Bathing this breed once every 2-3 weeks is recommended, and the average cost of bathing is $23.

Chihuahua Pug mix
Chihuahua Pug mix (Source: Puppy Toob)

Moreover, congenital deafness, neuroaxonal dystrophy, and muscular dystrophy are among the neurological disorders that these breeds are susceptible to.

Thus, this dog’s minimal healthcare expenditure throughout the course of its life span is $5,500.

Hence, with a purchase price of $650, Chihuahua ranks in 13th position on our list of the cheapest dog breeds.

12. Irish Terrier- $650

With a lifespan of 13-14 years, the Irish Terrier is among the oldest terrier breeds. The average weight of an Irish Terrier is less than 30 pounds.

Likewise, the Irish Terrier is a breed that has a good reputation for being healthy. Their total medical expenditures are less than $1,000 throughout the course of their lives.

Furthermore, the grooming expenditure is normally about $1,000.

Also, if you aren’t willing to walk this breed, you should not consider getting one because  Irish Terriers generally require physical activity.

Thus, Irish Terrier ranks 12th among the 15 cheapest dog breeds with an average purchase price of $650 on average.

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11. American Pit Bull Terrier- $600

The American Pit Bull Terrier, which was bred specifically to “bait” bulls, and is now used as nanny dogs. They are frequently referred to as “nurse dogs” because of their ability to get along with kids.

Likewise, they enjoy being around others.

This breed has a very good muscular physique and has a short and sleek coat. As a result, the cost of bathing is a mere $27.

Thus, the minimum possible healthcare expenditure is $5,100 throughout the course of its life expectancy of  12 to 14 years.

Therefore, Amerian Pit Bull ranks in 11th position on our list of 15 cheapest dog breeds.

10. Manchester Terrier- $600

On our list of the 15 cheapest dog breeds, the Manchester Terrier ranks in 10th place with an average price of approximately $600.

The Manchester Terrier is well-known among Terriers as one of the breeds with the best manners and responsiveness.

Likewise, initially named for his ability to kill rats, it is now more likely to be a family companion than a game terrier.

Also, Manchester is a fast learner when it comes to training.

Similarly, when it comes to hygiene, this dog is usually neat. With a bath costing just $27 every three months or whenever he becomes dirty, it’s a good option.

Furthermore, the expense of this dog’s medical treatment is also quite low.

9. Otterhound- $550

In the 9th position, on our list of 15 cheapest dog breeds, we have Otterhound, with an average price of $550.

The dog breed also has a sharp nose and is known for its endurance.

Furthermore, they also have a powerful, deep, unique bark that can be heard for incredible distances.

Cheapest Dog Breeds Otterhound
Otterhound (Source: Vetstreet)

Also, a modest level of work is required when it comes to grooming. Grooming costs roughly $40 on average.

Besides, they are also likely to have health problems such as stomach torsion and elbow dysplasia.

Thus, they require low health care costs of $3,500 throughout their life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.

8. Pembroke Welsh Corgi – $550

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a dog breed that is easy to train and is deemed energetic and clever. You have an option to choose from four distinct coat colors and patterns.

They are, nevertheless, susceptible to a variety of health problems, including obesity, epilepsy, and cystinuria, to name a few.

As a result, the projected lifetime healthcare expenditure is $4,000 throughout the course of its 12-to 14-year lifespan.

Thus, with a buying price of $550, Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeds rank in 8th position on our list of the 15 cheapest dog breeds.

7. Australian Silky Terrier – $550

With an average purchase price of $550, Australian Silky Terrier sits in the 7th position on our list of 15 cheapest dog breeds.

They are characterized as a short-legged terrier breed that is tiny and compact. The straight, silky, and shining coat of the Australian Silky Terrier is its most appealing attribute.

Also, to keep the smooth coat’s texture, it has to be brushed regularly and bathed frequently with a gentle shampoo.

Thus, the total cost of grooming is $45.

Moreover, certain health concerns, such as Legg-Perthes syndrome, hip dysplasia, and eye problems, are common in certain breeds.

So, the cost of health care for them throughout the course of their 11-14 year life expectancy is only $2,500.

6. Border Collie – $525

Border Collies are a medium-sized herding breed with a shoulder height of 18 to 22 inches. With buying price of $525, Border Collie sits in 6th position on our list of the 15 cheapest dog breeds.

Similarly, they can memorize a staggering amount of words and directions. So, Border happiness is dependent on jobs like agility, herding, and obedience tasks.

Besides, they are also known for other duties such as search and rescue.

Also, you must be knowledgeable about certain common illnesses that your Border Collie might face throughout its life.

However, the expense of health care throughout the course of its 13-16-year lifespan is just about $1,800.

And, brushing this breed 2 to 3 times per week is also required, which can cost approximately $50.

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5. Miniature Pinscher- $500

The Miniature Pinscher is a German dog breed that was developed in 1895 to mostly hunt rats and vermin. With an average purchase price of $500, it ranks fifth on our list of the 15 cheapest dog breeds.

These dogs are obedient and watchful. Likewise, it has Terrier-like characteristics and is stubborn and self-reliant.

Cheapest Dog Breeds Miniature Pinscher
Miniature Pinscher (Source: Vetstreet)

And their coats are smooth, stiff, and short. As a result, bathing a Miniature Pinscher is quite inexpensive, costing about $25.

Also, they are exposed to several potential health concerns during the course of their 14 to 15 years of life, such as pancreatitis, dental disease, and heart mitral valve disease, to name a few.

Therefore, their healthcare costs begin at $2,500.

4. American Foxhound- $475

The American foxhound has a smaller bone structure and stands taller on its legs than the English Foxhound.

Although it isn’t particularly apparent, it is a tolerant, pleasant, and kind dog.

Similarly, this isn’t a breed that’s known for having hereditary problems. Thus, thrombocytopathy (platelet disease) is a mild health concern in American Foxhounds.

So, the breed’s average lifespan is 10-12 years, with $1,500 in health-care costs throughout the time.

Therefore, with the minimum price of $475, American Foxhound ranks 4th on our list of 15 cheapest dog breeds.

3. Cesky Terrier- $400

Cesky’s are strong, short-legged, and attractive hunters with a shoulder height of not more than 13 inches.

Cesky Terrier ranks in the third position on our list of the 15 cheapest dog breeds with the cost of $475.

They’re tiny but with moderate demand for exercise, and they’ll make a wonderful running partner.

Likewise, The Cesky Terrier’s coat holds dirt better than other dog breeds, and therefore it’s important to keep it clean.

You must be willing to spend time and money grooming your Cesky Terrier if you own one.

Clipping is the most common method of grooming the Cesky Terrier.

As a result, grooming expenses for this breed are $57.

Moreover, its health care expenditures can rack up to $1,500 for a life expectancy of 12-15 years.

2. Pug- $350

The Pug is intended to be a friend and a source of joy for its owners. With a price of $350, this breed ranks second on our list of the cheapest dog breeds.

Likewise, they have a curled tail and a wrinkled, short-muzzled face, which distinguishes them physiologically.

Also, these dogs are rarely aggressive, making them ideal for families with children.

Similarly, Pugs are a small, short-coated breed with cheap bathing expenses of $27.

1. Beagle- ( $200-$500)

Beagle ranks on top of our list of the cheapest dog breeds. They are tiny scent hound breed with a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Beagles were initially intended to chase small games as scenthounds. In several nations today, including the United States, are still utilizing the breed for this task.

Cheapest Dog Breeds Begal Dog Breed
Beagle Dog Breed (Source: Pinterest)

However, due to their versatility, they are now often employed as household pets and for additional features such as therapy and detection.

Likewise, it has become a popular pet because of its size, pleasant temperament, and lack of hereditary health issues.

Moreover, a full-grown beagle needs one meal every day. In the evenings, they generally take a cookie before bed.

Thus, the Beagle’s low average cost is due to its minimal maintenance costs.



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