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Chef Maneet Chauhan Family: Meet Her Husband Vivek Deora Kids And Net Worth

People are curious to know about chef Maneet Chauhan family. Maneet Chauhan is an American chef and television personality of Indian heritage who is best known for serving on the Chopped judge panel on the Food Network.

She is one of the well-known people in the food industry who has accomplished many significant milestones. Besides managing her restaurants and serving as a judge on cooking competition shows, Maneet has worked hard day and night.

This brilliant Sikh Indian cook is from Ludhiana, Punjab, and practices the Sikh religion. She was born on October 27, 1976.

She went to one of India’s top universities, Manipal University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in hotel management to shine in the culinary industry. Be with us and learn about Maneet Chauhan Family.

Chef Maneet Chauhan Family: Meet Her Husband Vivek Deora

Talking about the Maneet Chauhan family, her husband, Vivek Deora is a chef and restaurant owner who has worked in 8 different countries and runs 23 restaurants as if being a famous chef weren’t enough for her.

As a matter of coincidence, Vivek also received his degree in hospital management from Manipal University and initially met Maneet there. His most notable achievement in Nashville is co-founding Morph Hospitality Group.

Little is known about the couple’s romantic history, but a 2007 wedding is reported to have taken place between Maneet and Vivek.

Maneet Chauhan family
Maneet Chauhan with her husband Vivek. (Source: Tennessean)

In their connection, the husband and wife are likened to two sides of a coin. Maneet Chauhan’s companion and spouse, Vivek Deora, supports every enterprise she creates and toils away in the background.

Vivek is the perfect partner for Maneet because he always looks sharp, has his beard and mustache well-trimmed, and has an equally strong drive to succeed in the culinary industry.

Vivek was born in Jaipur, India, to a physician. However, he had no desire to read a book or even consider becoming a doctor like his Father. He spent most of his time working in coffee shops rather than studying.

Nevertheless, he graduated from Manipal University and left the country to enroll in a master’s program in England. During the ensuing years, Vivek imagined himself working in prestigious hotels in eight nations.

Kids Of Chef Maneet Chauhan

Maneet is the mother of a daughter who resembles an angel and a cute son. Shagun, the oldest daughter, and Karma, the youngest brother, make up the family.

Despite having different schedules, the couple is fortunate with two kids and frequently travels with them.

Maneet Chauhan family is frequently pictured on social media, making a mess in the kitchen and sharing innumerable lovely memories.

Maneet Chauhan Family
Maneet Chauhan family. (Source: The New York Times )

Nashville was their usual meeting place since they were both quite busy with their separate businesses. They also established partnerships and acquired ownership of the Morph Hospitality Group along the way.

Despite their best efforts, the couple’s busy schedule prevents them from making time for one another.

Maneet is working hard on the popular reality series Chopped, while Vivek is busy opening new restaurants worldwide.

How Much Net Worth Does Chef Maneet Chauhan Have?

Maneet has not disclosed her exact net worth data, but several estimates indicate that she has a net worth of about $2.8 million.

Her job as an Executive chef and the revenue from her restaurants account for most of her earnings.

The same goes for her televised appearances, which raise her net worth. She also halves her husband’s wealth addition to this.

Maneet Chauhan Family
Maneet Chauhan and her husband. (Source: Eater Nashville

Maneet relocated to New York to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America to expand her culinary knowledge.

Maneet has undoubtedly established a reputation in the culinary industry after her commitment and hard work.

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