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Is Chelsea Manning Dead? 35 Year Sentence After Document Leak

With the increasing popularity and recent release of her book, rumors about Chelsea Manning being dead have started appearing on various social sites. Is Chelsea Manning really dead? Let’s find out!

Chelsea Elizabeth Manning is a former Army private and intelligence analyst who was accused of disclosing confidential documents to the public.

Born on December 17, 1987, she came into prominence in July 2013, following her conviction by court-martial for her actions.

Additionally, she was sentenced to 35 years in prison, which was later commuted to seven years by President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, the documents included videos of July 12, 2007, the Baghdad airstrike, the 2009 Granai airstrike in Afghanistan, and many other confidential documents.

Following the leak of these documents, many controversies over transparency in the military made headlines.

Similarly, various debates regarding Chelsea’s reason behind such actions also arose on different social media platforms.

Meanwhile, since her release in 2017, she has lived a low-profile life, making a living through speaking engagements.

However, in recent times, many news suggesting Chelsea Manning is dead has started to surface online.

This news has further led to concern among those who knew her and await further confirmation.

Is Chelsea Manning Dead? Life After Prison

In the current digital world, famous personalities often find themselves entangled by rumors about their personal life.

Similarly, Chelsea Manning has turned out as the target of some rumors suggesting she is dead.

The rumors of her death have been around since her release in 2017, after serving seven years in prison.

Despite these rumors, Chelsea has never tried to address them publicly and continues to ignore them.

Chelsea Manning captured standing in the street.
Chelsea Manning has not died yet. (Source: Twitter)

However, based on the available information, Chelsea Manning is not dead and living a healthy life in Brooklyn.

Likewise, she has continuously been active on her social media, sharing posts of her current life.

Although her changed gender identity might have created confusion among the people about her current status.

This confusion caused by her sexuality has led to numerous speculations that have resulted in her death rumors.

But all these rumors suggesting Chelsea Manning is dead lack a proper piece of evidence to support the statement.

Additionally, no media outlets have released any news about her death in the past few years.

Chelsea Manning captured in a balcony.
Chelsea Manning is living as a transgender woman. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the death news of Chelsea is baseless and is affecting her daily life in every aspect.

Nevertheless, sharing rumors about people without proper fact checks and investigations is unethical.

So, we request everyone sharing rumors about Chelsea Manning’s death to stop immediately.

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Where Is Chelsea Now? 2024 Update

Chelsea Manning, the former Army officer convicted in prison for 35 years, has been living a life away from the spotlight since her release in 2017.

Although there are ongoing discussions about her personal life, little is known about her current status.

Chelsea’s private life preference has left fans with numerous unanswered questions.

Chelsea sitting in sofa.
Chelsea has also authored a book titled Readme.txt. (Source: Twitter)

However, she keeps sharing glimpses of her life through social media.

Meanwhile, as seen from her social media, Chelsea seems focused on her personal growth and development.

After her release, Chelsea’s appearances on TV shows, including Good Morning America, earned her worldwide recognition.

Since then, she has continuously appeared on numerous talk shows, profiting from her speaking engagements and multiple professions.

Chelsea started working as a professional DJ in 2022, following her childhood passion.

Although the exact situation of Chelsea in 2024 is still unknown according to some sources, she is currently situated in Brooklyn.

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