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Chevalier Incident Wikipedia: Who Was The Spy At Los Alamos?

Even months after the release of the super-hit movie Oppenheimer, fans continue to search the internet to find more answers about the Chevalier Incident through Wikipedia.

The film Oppenheimer is a biographical thriller released in 2023, and it was written, directed, and co-produced by Christopher Nolan.

The cast for the movie includes Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., and many others.

With 13 nominations, the biographical film stands as the most nominated movie of the year at the 96th Academy Awards.

In the movie, authorities mention Chevalier multiple times in Oppenheimer’s security hearing.

Therefore, to date fans are curious to learn more about Chevalier and Chevalier Incident through Wikipedia.

Chevalier Incident Wikipedia: Who Is Chevalier?

Despite the active searches for the Chevalier Incident, there is still no dedicated Wikipedia page for it.

However, this article has incorporated detailed information about the Chevalier Incident that could be included in the Wikipedia entry.

At the University of California, Berkeley, Haakon Chevalier actively served as a professor specializing in French literature and language.

Haakon Chevalier black and white picture during incident
He met Oppenheimer at 1937. (Source: Twitter)

During the early months of 1943, Chevalier and his wife shared a dinner with Oppenheimer and his wife, Kitty, at Oppenheimer’s home.

Moreover, Chevalier mentioned a man named George Eltenton as the men were preparing drinks.

Eltenton who works for Shell Development Corporation told Chevalier he had sources to share technical information with the Russians.

However, Oppenheimer quickly distanced himself from the situation, stating he wanted no part in it, leading Chevalier to drop the conversation.

Furthermore, Oppenheimer didn’t immediately inform US security agents about the incident.

chevalier portrayed by Jefferson Hall sparked the incident
In the movie, Jefferson Hall portrays the role of Haakon Chevalier. (Source: Twitter)

When he did, he chose not to reveal Chevalier’s name to protect his friend from any problems.

Interpreting the lie as evidence of character flaws, US authorities revoked Oppenheimer’s security clearance, asserting that he posed a security threat.

Yet, Chevalier later suffered from the US anti-communist movement, lost his job at Berkeley, and couldn’t find another professorship in the country.

Subsequently, he moved to France and worked as a translator until his death in Paris at the age of 83.

As the story gains more attention, there’s a chance the Chevalier Incident could have a Wikipedia page.

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Who Was The Spy At Los Alamos: Details About Klaus Fuchs

Initially, authorities suspected Oppenheimer of being a Communist and leaking information, but later revelations exposed Klaus Fuchs as the true spy.

Hailing from Russelsheim, Germany, Klaus Fuchs was born in 1911 and pursued studies in mathematics and physics at the university.

klaus fuchs photo
He received a 14-year prison sentence and was officially deprived of his British citizenship. (Source: Twitter)

While studying, he became deeply involved in politics, initially with the Social Democrats and later with the Communists of Germany.

Fleeing Hitler, Fuchs moved to the UK and earned his physics PhD at the University of Bristol in 1937 while working with Nevill Mott.

In 1944, as Karl Fuchs, he joined Oppenheimer’s Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, contributing to nuclear weapons development.

Klaus Fuchs
The Chevalier Incident does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. (Source: YouTube)

Alongside spy Harry Gold, he shared nuclear secrets on trips from Los Alamos to Santa Fe for the Russians.

In 1949, the US suspected Fuchs as a spy, sharing files with GCHQ, but uncertainty remained within the organization.

Hence, in 1950, he confessed to spying, authorities arrested him, and he faced charges under the Official Secrets Act.

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