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Chicago Man Mugshot Going Viral: Who Is The Real Life Joker?

The mugshot of a Chicago man has been going around on social platforms making netizens curious about the crimes he committed. Find out details of the viral image further in this article!

Often mugshots of random convicts and prisoners go viral on the internet for their facial features or their backstory.

In recent times, it has become easy to circulate those images within hours and find details about the person.

Further, platforms like TikTok are filled with mugshot images ranging from celebrities, politicians, and random people.

People like to speculate about the crimes committed by the person after releasing their mugshots.

Now, a peculiar mugshot of a Chicago man has made its way to the internet, as netizens demand his details.

Chicago Man Mugshot Going Viral: Who Is The Real Life Joker?

Recently, a mugshot of a Chicago man became viral due to his facial expressions in the photo.

Further, the man appears to be wearing a black hoodie while posing for the photo with authorities.

The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, resembles the expressions of Joker from the fictional world.

Chicago man smiling in his photo
The Chicago man seems to be proud of his crimes. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, his arched eyebrows, flared nose, and devious smile add to the strangeness of the mugshot.

After the circulation of the photo, people rushed to find details about the man, but nothing could be found.

However, the man belongs to the African-American community, according to his viral photo.

It isn’t sure what the Chicago man was involved in leading to his arrest by the state authority.

Additionally, people were quick with their assumptions and claimed that he must have committed some serious crime like murder.

Regardless of the situation, netizens haven’t backed down from making jokes about the mugshot.

Memes flood the replies of The Chicago man
People make jokes about the man’s appearance. (Source: Twitter)

They claim that the Chicago man appears to be proud of his actions due to his expressions in the mugshot.

Further, people want to see the man locked up as they fear him based on the viral photo.

The Chicago police have yet to make a public statement relating to the acts committed by the person.

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More Viral Mugshots: A Beacon Of New Opportunities

The mugshot of the Chicago man is just another addition to a long list of viral photos that circulate the internet.

Often, internet users celebrate prisoners for their prominent physical features, tattoos, and style.

In a previous case, law enforcement charged Veronica Koval, a registered nurse, with reckless driving after pulling her over.

Viral mugshot tweet
Koval got the opportunity to expand her brand. (Source: Twitter)

Further, she pleaded guilty and spent a night in jail before the court released her on a $750 fine.

However, numerous users noticed her mugshot within hours after it was posted on Instagram.

Due to the picture, Koval became an internet sensation and soon began sharing her beauty tips with her followers.

Similarly, a Florida man became an interesting topic for Twitter users when people pointed out his wide-necked mugshots.

Despite his charges of aggravated stalking and withdrawal from child support, many only remember him for his appearance.

Over the years, users have deemed many male convicts ‘hot’ as they circulate their mugshots.

Jeremy Meeks in court
People even wrote fanfics for the prisoner. (Source: Twitter)

In a similar case, Jeremy Meeks’s story gained so much popularity that he received a modeling contract while in prison.

Despite facing charges of robbery, he gained fame as ‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ and attended the New York Fashion Week after his release.

The internet is a crazy place where unexpected things can become newsworthy in a short period.

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