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Chico Bean Wikipedia, Age: Meet The Stand-Up Comedian & Actor

Chico Bean, as we all know, is a great comedian and can entertain an audience for hours. However, many may not know that his life was not always as it appears. So, let’s learn more about Chico Bean through his Wikipedia.

Chico Bean, or Anthony Jamal Bean, is a very famous entertainer who was born in the year 1987 on February 20.

He comes from Washington, D.C., and often proudly shares his journey from the city to the entertainment industry.

He is mainly known for frequently appearing on the comedy show Wild ‘N Out.

However, there is much more to Chico Bean Wikipedia than the glitz and glamor of the entertainment industry.

Chico Bean Wikipedia: From Street Life To Center Stage

Chico Bean’s life right now may make everyone believe that he has always had it.

At 36, as of 2023, he has everything he always dreamed of achieving.

But it was a tough life for him growing up in the streets of Washington, DC.

Most of the families he knew while growing up had a very tragic end.

Chico Bean instagram
Chico Bean is a successful man from a hard life in Washington, DC. (Source: Instagram)

He has sadly lost six of his family members to gun violence.

So, Chico Bean was determined to change his life and not fall into the same cycle.

He had decided for himself to get away from all the hardships that were written for him.

It is important to add in the Wikipedia of Chico Bean that his journey in changing his life began during his college days at Winston-Salem State University.

Chico loved performing stand-up comedy in college, and for that, he received a lot of praise.

It was in the city of Greensboro, North Carolina, that his journey in comedy began.

This city was not known for having many comedy fans or people who would help him get to the upper parts of the industry.

Chico Bean Wikipedia
Chico Bean’s family must be proud of him for finally making it. (Source: Instagram)

But on a very random day, while he was performing on one of his shows, he caught the attention of a very famous name.

The famous name was a beloved American comedian, Nick Cannon. Nick was also the creator and the host of Wild ‘N Out.

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Chico Bean’s Rise In Comedy: From Wild ‘N Out To Personal Loss And New Beginnings

Nick Cannon was immensely in love with Chico’s comedy timing and style. This is why he invited Chico to come to New York to perform.

His first appearance on the show happened in the 5th season.

Now, Chico had become the fan favorite with his great rap battles and stand-up comedy.

The fans demanded Chico’s appearance, which made it possible for Chico to do multiple episodes in the show.

Chico Bean on stage
Chico Bean has a great personality on stage, which people love him for. (Source: Instagram)

After his fame from Wild N Out, many other producers from other comedy shows sent their invitations to Chico Bean, which is an outstanding achievement to add to his Wikipedia.

Some shows are Guy Court, HuffPost Live Conversations, Steve Harvey, Trivial Takedown, Sister Circle, and Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne.

While Chico’s professional life was taking off and experiencing new heights, his personal life was to face a big tragedy.

In the year 2021, he lost his mother, Wanda, which seemed like it had a significant effect on him.

But he has also been sharing that even if his mother is not present with him today, he has now got two daughters that forever remind him of her.

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