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Is YeahMadTV Comedian Chloe Maddren Husband Jacob Lingard?

In the online realm, a recent buzz has sparked inquiries about the relationship between Chloe Maddren and Jacob Lingard, drawing attention to their status as a husband and wife.

Chloe Maddren is a well-known figure in the humor and comedy community, mainly celebrated for her relatable comedy content.

Her comedic content, particularly on TikTok, has earned her considerable popularity across various social media platforms.

Similarly, Fans and viewers love Chloe Maddren’s clever dad jokes, appreciating her comedic talent.

Moreover, Chloe gained widespread recognition after appearing as a guest on the popular YouTube channel Yeahmad.

Additionally, she shines on social media and writes for a creative agency focusing on digital marketing.

She has written several articles for Happy Mag, covering various topics, from music to world news.

Recently, Chloe Maddren has been gaining attention as people are curious whether Jacob Lingard is her husband.

Is Chloe Maddren Husband Jacob Lingard? Wikipedia And Career

Chloe Maddren openly shares her relationship status, frequently posting photos with her boyfriend Jacob Lingard.

Jacob, a comedian and designer, is actively involved in the design aspects of comedy hustle and comedy nights.

On his LinkedIn profile, he is listed as the operations coordinator at Intuospace.

Based on the company, he works with specialists who focus on the client’s branding and retail marketing.

Jacob is not just a designer and operations coordinator; he’s also made a presence in various podcasts and comedy shows, showcasing his comedic skills.

For instance, he was featured in an episode of The Friend Request podcast1 and performed at The Sit Down Comedy Club.

Chloe in a red dress and Jacob in a black suit, striking a pose.
Both Chloe Maddren and Jacob Lingard are comedians. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, his comedy revolves around life, relationships, and entertaining stories about family and friends.

Also, he worked in various media hubs and comedy circuits, such as Syn Media, Sit Down Comedy Media, Brisbane Stage, etc.

Born on September 17, Jacob Lingard is a September baby, estimated to be in his mid-thirties.

Jacob Lingard is a charismatic storyteller, indescribable, and candid comedian.

Moreover, he became famous after his relationship with the TV personality Chloe Maddren, where people were husband and wife.

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Unveiling Chloe Maddren And Jacob Lingard’s Relationship

Fans’ curiosity about the partner of Chloe Maddren, has surged as they are eager to confirm whether Jacob is her husband.

During her guest appearance on the YouTube channel Yeahmad, Chloe mentioned having a romantic partner.

Before this, she also mentioned Jacob in her several talkshow and podcasts.

The sweet love story between the two lovebirds began on August 29, 2021.

Around June 2021, a mutual friend named Takashi Wakasugi introduced them at a stand-up comedy night.

Subsequently, Chloe and Jacob’s relationship evolved through continued meetings and dates, marking significant progress as a couple’s journey.

outdoor picture of Chloe in a blue jacket and Jacob is in a black suit.
Chloe and Jacob’s love story started on August 29, 2021. (Source: Instagram)

On August 29, 2023, the couple celebrated their second relationship anniversary in Brisbane, Australia.

Many people share and enjoy their sweet relationships and love stories on social media.

While people affectionately know them as lovebirds, they have not publicly disclosed or confirmed their marital status.

Chloe Maddren and her partner Jacob Lingard are actively building their careers and shaping their future; however, it is still a mystery if they share the relationship of husband and wife.

Since they are currently prioritizing their careers and futures, predicting their marriage plans is challenging.

Still, the couple might be planning their future and could announce their wedding dates on social media soon.

Currently, they are savoring their love life to the fullest, and what the future holds remains uncertain as they contemplate their next steps.

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