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Chris Appleton Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age: Meet Kim Hair Stylist

Chris Appleton has established himself as one of the leading figures of the celebrity hair game and many want to know more about his personal life through Wikipedia.

Chris Appleton is a known name for working alongside A-listed celebrities and their looks.

His online hair tutorials and tips have also built a strong following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Furthermore, Appleton has had a passion for hairstyling since a young age and has worked hard to achieve his dream.

Many are inspired to see Appleton and his all-rounder talent as he is behind many iconic looks in the modern day.

Now, as news of his marriage surface online, many want to learn more about the hairstylist, Chris Appleton.

Chris Appleton Wikipedia, Age: Meet Kim Hair Stylist

As a well-established figure in the industry, people were curious to know more about Chris Appleton and his Wikipedia.

Chris Appleton, the 40-year-old stylist, was raised in the small town of Leicester, England.

There he discovered his passion for making people look and feel their best at the age of nine.

Further, Appleton’s career began in his childhood home, transforming his mother, Jane’s hair with an old hairdryer.

Chris Appleton in Italy
Appleton is behind all of Kim’s signature looks. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, the hairstylist considers her his first muse and his biggest supporter.

When Appleton turned 13, he got his first job at a hair salon and even traveled to London during his off time to assist artists on sets.

Over the years, he garnered experience while also taking classes and earning a hair color degree.

From there, he started working backstage at international fashion shows, creating eye-catching looks.

To add to his Wikipedia, Chris Appleton competed in Young Hairdresser of the Year and won the title.

Likewise, Appleton ventured into magazine work and styled Kate Moss and Cara Delevinge.

Chris Appleton with Kim Kardashian
Appleton travels around the world with Kim. (Source: Instagram)

After moving to London in 2016, he started working with Rita Ora.

However, it was just the beginning of success for the stylist as he has worked with Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Kim Kardashian.

While working, Kim has become his signature client and his closest friend.

Similarly, Appleton is behind Kim’s glass hair, wet flip bun, and her major blond transformation for the Met Gala.

Now, he claims that it feels unreal to be going on birthday trips with one of the Kardashians that he looked up to.

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The Celebrity Hairstylist: Net Worth And Recent Relationship

The next part of Wikipedia would be the net worth of Chris Appleton.

As a hairstylist with contracts with major agencies, Chris Appleton’s estimated net worth is approximately $5 million.

Further, with a successful career, Appleton decided to take a major step in his life.

For a long time, he sparked dating rumors with actor Lukas Gage after their joint trip to Mexico.

Moreover, during an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Appleton stated that he was very much in love.

Chris Appleton with Lukas Gage
Appleton loves spending time with Gage. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, fans were excited when Gage decided to confess his relationship with the hairstylist.

In April the pair travelled to Las Vegas in their private jet to tie the knot.

Meanwhile, Kim officiated the wedding, and season four of The Kardashians featured the ceremony.

Likewise, Kim set up a surprise meet-nad-greet with Twain, who sang the couple’s favorite song.

His relationship with Gage has marked a new chapter in the life and Wikipedia of Chris Appleton.

Before coming out about his sexuality, Appleton was married to Katie Katon.

Further, the duo had two children together, Billy and Kitty-Blu, before parting ways.

Similarly, Appleton often mentions how Katon helped him throughout his journey and supported him regardless.

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