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Chrisean Rock Before Fame Photos: What Did She Do To Her Face?

What did Chrisean Rock look like before fame? Her fans have been curious to know the difference between her face before and after.

Chrisean Rock is known after she participated in Blueface’s reality show “Blue Girls Club.” People knew her as the girlfriend of Blueface for some time.

She started her career as a musician; she released many music videos in which she missed a tooth.

So, many questions have been asked regarding her tooth and what happened to her. The question is still running in public, so let’s find out the reason behind it.

Chrisean Rock Before Fame Photos

Before starting her career as a musician, she lost a tooth in a fight. So, she did not fix it for a long time; she was seen in a music video without a front tooth. 

Chrisean said that she got into a fight with Blueface’s ex-grilfriend, who is also his baby’s mother.

Rock got a tattoo of Blueface in blue ink on her face; she wrote his real name, which was suspicious stuff; they were told to be not a couple in public. 

When his ex-grilfriend found out she had a tattoo of his name, they got into a fight; Rock hit her head on the ground and lost a front tooth.

Before Fame Picture, Missing front tooth.
Before Fame Picture, Missing front tooth. (Image Source: The Shade Room)

After the fight, rapper Blueface gave her cash to mend her teeth, but Rock had an ego on her, so she did not fix her tooth.

She was proud for some time; she did not fix her tooth and shot a music video with a gap in her teeth.

People started noticing her not having a tooth after she entered the limelight; she was trolled and passed negative comments about her tooth.

After some time, she decided to have a tooth fixed, and she looked different with no tooth and a tooth. 

So, she was pretty diffrent before fame; she is now totally diffrent from when she released first rap of her.

What Did Chrisean Rock Do To Her Face?

Chrisean added a tooth that was missing after a fight with his boyfriend’s ex; she lost her tooth a long time and decided not to fix the tooth for a long time.

But when people started asking questions about missing teeth and making a troll, she decided to have her tooth fixed.

She had a new tooth implanted in her gums with Blueface’s face on; she posted a video on her Instagram about fixing her tooth on July 9, 2022.

Chrisean Rock Got New Tooth, Added Blueface's Picture.
Chrisean Rock Got New Tooth, Added Blueface’s Picture. (Image Source: Gistvic Blog)

So, she has only fixed her tooth this year; she has not done anything to her face. People have seen some difference in her, so they have been guessing that she has done something with her face. 

But unfortunately, she has not done anything to her face till now; she has not had any surgery on her face to make it look any different.

Additionally, she mentioned that she is happy about making Blueface’s portrait on her teeth; it is perfect. 

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Net Worth of Chrisean Rock 

The net worth of a musician and social media personality in the current year is $2 million, per the Sources.

Chrisean’s primary source of income is from her career as a musician; she has released many famous kinds of music. 

Also, she might have other sources like business and investments that she has yet to mention in public.

There has not been much information about her income; she has yet to share it with the public.

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