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Did Christina Applegate Loss Weight After Gain? Health & Disease

The 2024 Emmys was a blast, and Christina Applegate shined so bright, as her weight loss was visible, and her speech moved everyone. Let’s explore.

Christina Applegate is a famous American actress who was born in the year 1971, November 25.

She started acting at a very young age. Her first big role was in the comedy sitcom Married with Children as Kelly Bundy.

She has many awards, including the prestigious Emmy, Golden Globe, and Tony awards.

In her long career, Christina has been able to gain many fans from all across the world who were heartbroken to know about her struggles with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

However, her recent appearance at the 2024 Emmys has given her fans some relief.

Furthermore, Christina Applegate seems to be doing much better and has seemingly gone through a weight loss.

Christina Applegate: Stellar Appearance In Emmys And Inspiring Weight Loss

Christina Applegate’s appearance was the highlight of the award show.

Everyone, including the biggest names in Hollywood, stood up to give her a long-standing ovation.

Not only did she look incredibly impressive, but her speech was also top-notch.

Christina Applegate before weight gain
Christina Applegate was the crush of all of the teenagers in the 90s. (Source: Twitter)

In her speech, she also addresses her disease and makes a joke by saying, “You’re totally shaming me with disability by standing up.”

Christina made sure to make everyone laugh as soon as she was on the stage.

She also visibly looked much thinner than her last appearances.

Before anyone could speculate anything about her weight loss, Christina Applegate joked about it.

She said, “It’s fine … Body not by Ozempic!” hinting that she has not used any medications to lose the weight.

Christina Applegate in Emmys
With such a beautiful personality, Christina Applegate was a breath of fresh air in the Emmys. (Source: Twitter)

Christina Applegate may have made a joke about it at the moment, but she looks delighted to have gone through the weight loss.

She has always been vocal about her struggles with MS and the side effects all the medications had on her body.

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Christina Applegate Overcomes Medication-Induced Weight Struggle

Christina Applegate had said in an interview before that she had gained 40 pounds after starting her medications.

She has also expressed how hard it was for her to go through the weight gain phase.

In the People magazine interview, she said 

I didn’t look like myself, and I didn’t feel like myself.

Not only that, Christina was also having a hard time watching her performance in Netflix’s Dead to Me.

She did not feel comfortable with how she was looking in the film.

Now, fans are pleased that Christina Applegate has undergone a weight loss.

The fans on Twitter are pointing out how confident she looks in the Emmys.

Christina Applegate weight loss
Christina Applegate on screen is a treat; her roles are always interesting. (Source: Twitter)

Even though she was still using a cane to walk because of MS, she looked much healthier.

Weight loss or gain, Christina Applegate forever holds the charm that made everyone fall in love with her in the late 90s.

Her fans hope that they get to see her improving even more so that they can see more of her works.

Christina is an amazing actress with immense talent; her looks do not change that.

The Emmy win, and her speech will forever be iconic in Hollywood history.

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