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NFL Draft: Is CJ Stroud Sick? Illness And Health Update 2023

CJ Stroud is an American football quarterback who is in the limelight for his illness and health update. Is Ohio State Buckeyes player CJ Stroud sick?

CJ Stroud is a popular American football player who currently plays for Ohio State Buckeyes. Besides, he also holds many Ohio State records, like most passing yards in a single game, and he was also named the first player to throw for six touchdowns three times. 

While exploring his Wiki bio, he explored he spent his true freshman year at Ohio State in 2020. Following the years, CJ was named the starting quarterback as a redshirt freshman. 

CG spent two years in his college career, and he made his professional debut at a Bowl game in 2021. Following his professional career, the American football player entered 2022 as one of the best players in college football. 

NFL Draft: Is CJ Stroud Sick?

CJ Stroud is not sick as of now and is doing pretty well in his life. However, he has faced some problems in his health in the past, which Stroud has openly talked about with the media.

In 2021, Stroud joined coach Ryan Day in insisting that illness was not an excuse for Ohio State football’s regular season-ending defeat at Michigan. 

CJ Stroud Sick
CJ Stroud is not sick but has previously opened up about an illness. (Source: Instagram)

Stroud revealed after the match that his voice reflected an illness he fought that week, which affected his communication at the line of scrimmage. Despite that, he decided to play.

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CJ Stroud Illness And Health Update 2023

There are not many records of CJ Stroud being diagnosed with the illness. So, it can be said that his current health condition is fine. 

As we said earlier, Stroud once had a health issue in 2021 ahead of a rivalry game against Michigan was a factor in the loss. During that time, everyone was kind of having flu.

CJ Stroud
CJ Stroud uploaded a photo of his amazing car on his Instagram page. (Source: Instagram)

After the game, CJ confirmed a sickness had cost him his voice, an issue that he attributed to several of the wrong start penalties and snap miscues from him on the day.

A week and a half after the game, Stroud said the problem impacted many more Buckeyes than just him as the team trained for its archrival. Now, he has moved on and is doing fine with his health.

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What is CJ Stroud Doing Now?

CJ Stroud is focused on his professional career. Stroud is the best pure passer in this year’s NFL Draft, completing 69.3 percent of his college attempts, with 85 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

It is said that Stroud is not mistake-prone, and ball security is what NFL teams look for in a quarterback. With three quarterback-needy teams picking in the top four, the question around CJ Stroud is where he will land. 

CJ Stroud
CJ Stroud shares a moment of one of his professional games on IG. (Source: Instagram)

More to this, CJ has the potential to be a No. 1 pick. They saw that early if the Panthers moved up for him rather than anticipated top pick Bryce Young.

We can get more updates about his ongoing lifestyle by following him on his Instagram handle and other social platforms too.

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