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Nobel Prize: Who Is Claudia Goldin Husband Lawrence F. Katz? Kids And Family

Claudia Goldin husband Lawrence F. Katz, supported her in receiving a Nobel Prize. The economist and historian Claudia shares her proud moment with her husband.  

The economist and historian Claudia Goldin recently in the news headline after she was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Goldin is the first woman to win that award solo and one of the three women in the world to receive this prestigious award. 

Moreover, Claudia is currently the Henry Lee Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

Claudia has also worked as the director of the NBER’s Development of the American Economy program for nearly three decades. 

Goldin’s work covers a wide range of essential topics like the female labor force, income inequality, gender wage gaps, technological advancements, and education.

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Nobel Prize: Who Is Claudia Goldin Husband Lawrence F. Katz?

78, economist and historian Claudia Goldin received a Nobel prize in October 2023.

And she has shared the dedication and effort her husband, Lawrence, has put behind her success.

So, a lot of questions have been asked about Lawrence. For your concern, Lawrence is Elisabeth Allison, a Professor of Economics at Harvard University. 

Besides he is also a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Since 1991, he has been the Quarterly Journal of Economics editor. 

Claudia Goldin Husband
Claudia Goldin’s husband, Lawrence F. Katz is an Elisabeth Allison Professor of Economics at Harvard University. (Source: Twitter)

Lawrence, like Claudia, had a successful and long career as a professor. Lawrence is also the Principal Investigator for the long-term evaluation of “Moving to Opportunity.”

Along with that, the professor also served at the U.S. Department of Labor as the chief economist under Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s then Secretary of Labor.

He is also the co-Scientific Director of J-PAL North America and a past President of the Society of Labor Economists. 

How Many Kids Does Claudia Goldin Have?

Claudia Goldin is married to Lawrence F. Goldin; the couple hasn’t shared any information about their kids. Also, the online sources are silent regarding the topic. 

Therefore, it is believed that Goldin and her partner might not have kids. Goldin has never shared openly about her marriage and family details. 

Similarly, when and where the lovely duo performed their wedding is unknown.

Both of the professors are widely known for their professional careers. Apart from that, no one knows much about their private life. 

Goldin and Katz maintain a distance from the media when the topic is about their personal life.

Hence, it is obvious that they maintain a low-key profile. So, more details about Goldin’s private life are expected to be updated soon. 

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Insight Into Claudia Goldin Family

As said earlier, Claudia Goldin dislikes talking about her family life. Explore her bio on the online sources; she was born on May 14, 1946. 

She was born to a Jewish family and spent her childhood in the Parkchester housing complex in the Bronx.

The name and professional details about Goldin’s parents have been shared on the media outlets. 

Claudia Goldin family
The official page of The Nobel Prize tweets about Claudia Goldin on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

As a child, Goldin wished to become an archaeologist, and later, she became attracted to bacteriology acter Paul de Kruif’s The Microbe Hunters in high school. 

She received a B.A. in economics from Cornell, Goldin. She persuaded further study at the University of Chicago for the Ph.D. program in economics, where she intended to study industrial organization. 


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