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Clyde Hedrick Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Texas Killing Fields Suspect? Arrest And Charge

Clyde Hedrick, an infamous convict, is now free from prison. Continue reading to learn about his crime and recent whereabouts.

Hedrick was convicted in 2014 for involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of Ellen Rae Simpson Beason.

Some people also have suggested possible relations between Beason’s death and the infamous “killing fields” near League City.

Netflix’s true-crime documentary miniseries Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields has brought the case back to everyone’s attention.

The three episodes discuss the victims, their families, and the possible perpetrators concerning a stretch of land in Texas’ League City, where over 30 bodies had been found over three decades. 

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Clyde Hedrick Wikipedia And Age: Where Is Texas Killing Fields Suspect Now?

Clyde Hedrick, the man convicted in connection with the 1984 death of a woman, is currently 68 years old. He was around 30 when the alleged crime occurred and 60 when he was sent to jail.

The Cinemaholic notes that he had relocated from Florida to Texas as a young man due to the rise of fast-paced cities like Houston.

Hedrick subsequently obtained a stable job as a roofer in the construction industry. He used to spend his leisure time hanging around local bars and nightclubs.

The three-part original series mentions that Hedrick was “a good-looking man back in the day” and “considered himself a ladies’ man.”

Clyde Hedrick wikipedia age
Clyde Hedrick’s mugshot from when he was young. (Source: Ayther)

Last year, Hedrick was released without completing his sentence owing to a revised Texas law that allowed offenders to be freed after considering time served for good behavior and other factors.

The law revision came in 1987, and since Hedrick’s conviction was for a 1984 killing, he was eligible and granted release.

Tim Miller, the founder, and director of Texas EquuSearch, a search-and-rescue organization, was not pleased.

Miller also noted that Hedrick is now living in a halfway House in Houston. However, it is still determined if he will continue to reside there.

Miller’s daughter, Laura, was also abducted and murdered in 1984, and her body was found 17 months later.

He believes Hedrick is responsible for the crime and filed a wrongful death suit against him in 2014.

The case is still pending in Galveston County district court, and Hedrick has not been charged due to the lack of testimony.

Miller released court records that showed that Hedrick had a long history of violent crimes and had claimed to have murdered four to five women during his life.

What Was Clyde Hedrick Arrest And Charge?

Clyde Hedrick was convicted in the 1984 death of a woman named Ellen Rae Simpson Beason.

He served eight years of a 20-year sentence, leaving Texas EquuSearch’s Tim Miller and other victim advocates outraged.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice stated that Hedrick was freed from the Estelle Unit in Huntsville on October 4, 2021, on mandatory supervision.

Hedrick served in prison for the death of Beason, whose body was found beneath garbage on a dirt road in Galveston County in July 1984.

Court records show that Clyde Hedrick was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2014 for the murder that occurred 30 years prior.

Hedrick maintained his innocence and told authorities that Beason drowned while swimming after they left the Texas Moon Club.

A string of unsolved brutal slayings, including Heidi Fye and Laura Miller, occurred in the 1980s. Fye was found in April 1984, while Miller was found in February 1986.

Clyde Hedrick Laura Miller
Clyde Hedrick and Laura Miller (Source: Newsweek)

Two other women found in the “killing fields” in 1986 and 1991 were never identified. Hedrick, one of the suspects, has not been charged with the murders.

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