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Does Cody Longo Have A Brother? Days of Our Lives Actor Parents And Family Tree

Cody Longo’s friend-cum-brother, Alex Gittelson, paid tribute to his friend on Twitter after learning about his death news.

Longo, who comes from a musical and artistic family, taught himself to play the piano at a young age. He started acting at a young age, performing, and studying theater.

Longo performed as Danny in Grease and Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet at the Denver Performing Arts Academy. After completing high school, Longo moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in acting. He completed his studies in theater and psychology there as well.

At the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, Longo played the part of Fiyero in the musical Wicked.

Does Cody Longo Have A Brother? 

It is unknown whether Cody Longo has any siblings or brothers. The public does not generally have access to information about his family and personal life.

The musician and Actor have kept his personal life private, and little is known about his family or potential siblings. Celebrities frequently choose to keep their personal relationships confidential, so Longo may have made the same decision.

Alex Gittelson paid tribute to Cody Longo through his Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

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But Alex Gittelson, a friend of his, is like a brother to him. Producer and talent manager Alex Gittelson represents actors and packages motion picture and television projects.

Cody Longo Parents: Who Was He Born To?

The parents of Cody Longo are not known to the general public. Details about the Actor and musician’s family and background are not widely known because he has kept his private life private.

On March 5, 1987, in Youngstown, Ohio, Cody Longo was born to his parents. Beyond that, little is known about his early years and childhood. Cody Longo is renowned for maintaining the secrecy of his personal life and has not revealed much about his upbringing and family history in the media.

Like many actors, Cody Longo probably encountered some difficulties at the beginning of his career.

Pursuing a career in the entertainment industry can be challenging, and many aspiring actors must overcome setbacks and challenges before success. He may have received support from his parents and other family members, which is why he was successful in his career.

Cody Longo Left Behind His Wife And Children

Cody Longo had been wed to his wife Stephanie Clark, a dance instructor since October 2015 before he passed away. 

Lyla, Elijah, and Noah, the couple’s three young sons and daughters, were all born into the family. 

Cody Longo with his Wife, Stephanie. (Source: The Sun)

Stephanie frequently posted videos of their family life on Instagram. She shared several pictures and videos on Valentine’s Day 2022, including adorable images of her husband holding Noah and posing with Lyla at a dance performance.

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According to Stephanie Longo, Cody was making a lot of effort to improve himself and stand up for his children. His wife continues, saying that he was a wonderful Father and husband and that their family is heartbroken over his passing.

How Did Cody Longo Die?

Stephanie Longo, Cody’s wife, could not reach her husband while she was at work. She made a check with the Police as well because she was feeling uneasy. 

When no one answered the door, the Police officers pounded on the door. Longo’s body was reportedly found in bed at his Austin, Texas, home.

According to the news, Cody Longo battled alcoholism for a long time before entering rehab in 2022. Although Cody Longo’s death has no known official cause, it’s possible that the Actor experienced a relapse.


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