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Colleen Ritzer Wikipedia Trend With Philip Chism Sentence

People have shown a lot of interest in the beloved teacher, Colleen Ritzer, who had a tragic story. They’ve been searching for a Wikipedia page dedicated to teacher Colleen Ritzer.

Colleen Ritzer was a well-known high school teacher in the United States.

She was a maths teacher at Danvers High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Likewise, the students loved her for being a caring and helpful teacher.

Unfortunately, her life took a tragic turn on October 22, 2013. She was brutally murdered by a 14-year-old student named Philip Chism.

This shocking event has led people to express their condolences to her family and friends and question why the 14-year-old did such a terrible thing.

People have an active interest in learning more about this kind-hearted individual. This is why they’ve been looking for a Wikipedia page about Colleen Ritzer.

Colleen Ritzer Wikipedia: Age And Family Detail

Colleen Ritzer was a much-loved teacher who always supported her students. People wanted to know more about her and have been searching for Wikipedia about Colleen Ritzer.

However, there has yet to be a dedicated Wikipedia page for her.

People know Colleen as a math teacher at Danvers High School who had a deep affection for her students.

She was born on May 13, 1989, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, to a Christian family. Colleen came from a well-established background.

Colleen with her siblings
Colleen was a loving and watchful big sister (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she was born to Thomas Ritzer and Peggie Ritzer.

Additionally, she had siblings named Laura Ritzer and Daniel Ritzer. Further, her father is a successful businessman.

Colleen was a graduate of Andover High School in 2007 and later attended Assumption College.

At the time of her passing, she was pursuing a graduate degree at Salem State College.

Meanwhile, she was not only a teacher but also a council member for a college’s Residence Hall.

Sadly, her life ended tragically in 2013 when she was only 24 years old. She was assaulted and murdered by one of her students, Philip Chism, in a school restroom.

Colleen Ritzer Mother donating blood wearing pink.
Colleen’s mom, Peggie, was the first blood donor in the Kindness4colleen event. (Source: Instagram)

People also began a tradition called Step Up for Colleen, where they wear pink to honor the life, legacy, and positive influence of teacher Colleen Ritzer.

Additionally, people are encouraging each other to perform acts of kindness to make someone else’s day better, all in memory of Colleen.

Furthermore, they’ve set up a scholarship fund in her honor.

Thus, people have been searching for a Wikipedia page about Colleen Ritzer to learn more about her life and legacy.

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Murder of Colleen Ritzer: Documentary Explores The Motive

Philip Chism, a young student at Danvers High School, was charged and found guilty of first-degree murder.

According to sources, people say that Philip Chism had recently moved to Tennessee.

On the day of the murder, his teacher, Colleen Ritzer, was in the classroom with him. She tried to talk to him about Tennessee. 

However, their conversation somehow upset Philip, but when she noticed that, she changed the topic.

Philip in court
The Schoolboy, Philip Chism, was sentenced to at least 40 years in state prison. (Source: Instagram)

After a while, Colleen went to the bathroom before 3:00 p.m., and Philip followed her a few minutes later.

This was all captured on CCTV. In the video, Chism covered his face with his hoodie.

It showed that he tried to scare Colleen Ritzer from behind with a box cutter. The police report tells us that he cut Colleen’s throat over 16 times and brutally raped her.

After leaving the bathroom, he came back after 10 minutes wearing a different jacket and holding a large garbage bin.

Afterward, he disposed of the body about 12 feet into the woods.

On December 15, the jury found Philip guilty of first-degree murder, rape, and armed robbery, and they sentenced him to 40 years in prison.

Colleen parents in court
The family of Colleen Ritzer demands the killer be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In December 2015, Chism’s lawyers argued that his crime was the result of a psychotic disorder.

However, Ritzer’s family criticized the sentence as ‘unacceptable’ and too lenient for Chism’s actions, which they described as ‘pure evil.’

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