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Columbus Tornado Warning Today: What Parts Will Be Affected?

People in Columbus, Ohio, are in shock after a tornado warning today, as they did not expect it this season. The National Weather Service releases the areas most affected and the storm’s severity.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has just released a warning for people living in western Ohio, including the Columbus area.

The warning is for the tornado supposedly heading towards the town today.

They suggest that the tornado warning is for the rest of the night until 6:00 in the morning.

This has led to many people already preparing for safety.

The residents of Columbus, Ohio, did expect a big storm to hit them today as it had already begun entering the city, but they did not expect the tornado warning.

Tornado Warning Today: Parts Of Columbus, Ohio, That Will Be Affected and the Expected Severity

According to the National Weather Service, few parts of Columbus, Ohio, will be more affected than others.

They are Ohio counties of Brown, Clark, Darke, Highland, Montgomery, Warren, Butler, Clermont, Greene, Logan Preble, Champaign, Clinton, Hamilton, Miami, and Shelby.

This suggests an 80% chance of the storms entering the city by 1:00 in the morning.

Columbus Tornado Parts That Will Be Affected
Columbus Tornado is trending all over the internet; people are praying for the safety of the residents. (Source: Twitter)

Before this, they had warned that these storms would begin by 10:00 – 11:00 PM.

According to the officials, the storms could be much more severe than most people expect.

The residents of Columbus, Ohio, may face some power outage issues due to the storm.

The people in the city can navigate the areas of power outages through an online map from AEP Ohio.

They suggest that people do not need to report a power outage because the city will already know it.

Columbus Tornado Today
It is heartwarming to see families preparing for such a scary, unavoidable situation. (Source: Twitter)

Regarding flight delays, some flights from the John Glenn International Airport have been reportedly delayed.

However, it is unclear whether the delays are due to today’s tornado warning.

People who have booked flights for Tuesday can check their flight details on flycolumbus.com.

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Unexpected Tornado Warning In Columbus, Ohio: Unusual December Alert Raises Climate Concerns

Meanwhile, today’s tornado warning has shocked everyone in Columbus, Ohio, because of how unexpected it was.

Even the people living in the city for decades think how unusual it is.

This is because December and January are the least common for tornadoes.

However, the National Weather Service says that since last year, tornadoes this month have been relatively common.

Colombus Tornado Warning
People from Colombus are sharing their conditions through social media sites like Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

The climate change is responsible for the unexpected change in the nature.

The officials suggest always preparing for tornado warnings, as they can happen at any time of the month.

The weather department has also made forecasts about the weather for the rest of the week.

They say there is a chance of heavy showers with low temperatures, some clouds, and a breeze throughout the week.

The tornado warning released today has given a big wake-up call for Columbus, Ohio, residents to always be ready for their safety.

Hopefully, there will be no human casualties and as minor damage as possible in the city.

The officials are ready with aid from various parts of Columbus, Ohio.

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