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Late Comedian Richard Pryor Had Five Wives, How Many Children Does He Have?

Richard Pryor had multiple wife resulting in seven children at present. His marriage had not been sustained for more than a couple of years, resulting in separation.

He is a famous American stand-up comedian and Actor who has reached a broad audience with his sharp observations and storytelling style. 

With his jaw-dropping performance, he got ranked first on the list of the 50 best stand-up comics of all time in 2017 by Rolling Stone.

Sadly, he is no more, as he died several years ago, leading his well-wishers to miss him.

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Late Comedian Richard Pryor Had Five Wives; Know About Them 

Late Comedian Richard Pryor had five wives when; he was alive for over forty-four years.

At first, he walked down the aisle to his first wife, Patricia Pice. The duo got married in 1960 and got separated in 1961.

For the second time, after six years, he got married to his sweetheart Shelley Bonus, to whom he was married from 1967 to1969. Their love life only lasted for around two years.

Richard Pryor’s wife and exes recall their relationships with the famed comedian
Richard Pryor’s wife & exes recall their relationships with the famed comedian (Source- YouTube)

Then he got linked up with renowned Actress and model Deborah McGuire, whom he was dating on and off before four years of getting married.

They split in January 1978, and their divorce was concluded in August 1978.

Again after that, he got married to his fourth wife, Jenifer Lee, to whom he got married twice as they separated in between.

Initially, the duo wed in August 1981 and separated in October 1982 due to his drug addiction.

They remarried on June 29, 2001, & remained married until Pryor died in 2005. As lee is an Actor and interior designer, Richard hired her to decorate his residence and ended up falling in love.

Lastly, he married Flynn Blaine, Actress whom he married in October 1986. They met during a performance in 1984. They married twice, in October 1986 and on April 1, 1990.

How Many Children Does Comedian Richard Pryor Have? 

Late Comedian Richard Pryor is the Father of seven children. He had children with his wife and even different girl he was associated with in the past.

They are named Renee (with his girlfriend Susan), Richard Pryor Jr. (with Patricia Pice), Elizabeth Anne (with girlfriend Maxine Anderson), Rain Pryor (with Shelley Bonus), and Steven (with Flynn Blaine).

Moreover, the other two children are Franklin and Kelsey from his girlfriend, Geraldine Mason, and fifth wife, Flynn, respectively.

Among these children, his daughter Rain Pryor is famous like him as an Actress and comedian.

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Richard Visits His Mother Gertrude
Richard Visits His Mother Gertrude (Source- Richard Pryor’s Peoria)

Late Comedian Richard Pryor Family; Know About His Parents

Late Comedian Richard Pryor came from an unstable family. He was born to his mother, Gertrude L., and his Father, LeRoy “Buck Carter” Pryor. 

His mother was an alcoholic and a prostitute, whereas his Father was a former boxer, hustler, and pimp. As his parents abandoned him, he went on to live with his grandmother.

She was also not good to him either, and he ended up being sexually abused at seven years old and got expelled from school at 14. 



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