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Cory Booker Religion And Ethnicity: Is The United States Senator Jewish?

Cory Booker, the U.S. Senator from New Jersey, is an advocate for the rights and well-being of Jewish Americans, as well as people of all faiths. So, people are now interested in Cory Booker religion.

An American politician, Cory Booker served as a United States Senator from New Jersey.

Born on April 27, 1969, in Washington, D.C., he is known for his extensive career in public service and politics.

Before his time in the U.S. Senate, he served as the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, from 2006 to 2013.

Moreover, in the Senate, Booker has been involved in a wide range of issues, including criminal justice reform, healthcare, and economic inequality.

Likewise, he is popular for his engagement in interfaith dialogues and working to build bridges across diverse communities.

So, people’s interest now has shifted toward the religion of Senate Cory Booker.

Cory Booker Religion: Is he Jewish?

While Cory Booker has a diverse background and has been actively involved in interfaith dialogues and discussions, people are often confused about his religion.

Many believe he practices Judaism. But the question is: is that true? Let’s delve into it.

Cory Booker has been a supporter of religious freedom.

Cory Booker with Obama
Cory Booker was an outstanding student and a star athlete during his high school. ( Source: Twitter )

Moreover, he is an advocate for the rights and well-being of Jewish Americans, as well as people of all faiths.

Booker has mentioned several times that he was the president of a Jewish organization while attending Oxford University.

Also, as a U.S. Senator, he has shown support for Jewish communities and has taken a stance against anti-Semitism.

However, it’s important to note that Cory Booker himself is not Jewish but follows the Christian religion.

He has been open about his faith and often discusses how his Christian beliefs have influenced his political and moral values.

The U.S. Senator has a bachelor’s degree in political science. ( Source: Instagram )

Furthermore, he talks highly about compassion, social justice, and helping those in need, which he sees as consistent with his Christian faith.

Also, many of his past videos and actions highlight his faith openly towards the Christian side.

Clearly, you’ll hear him talking about his faith in Christianity, but also his deep love of Judaism time and again.

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Explore Cory Booker’s Family and Ethnicity

The U.S. Senator, Cory Booker is a relatively private individual when it comes to his family, but he has shared some information about them publicly.

He was born to Cary Booker and Carolyn Booker.

His father, Cary, was one of the first African Americans to be hired by IBM, while his mother, Carolyn, worked as a school clerk.

Cory Booker on stage
Cory Booker’s early life and experiences in Newark deeply influenced his political and social justice advocacy. ( Source: Instagram )

Additionally, Booker got his inspiration from his parents, as they were active in the civil rights movement.

Likewise, he also has a brother named Cary Booker II, who has also been involved in education and social justice efforts.

Talking about Booker’s ethnicity, he is of African descent and has roots in the African-American community.

Moreover, he has been a vocal advocate for racial and social justice issues.

Drawing from his own experiences and as a member of the African-American community, he has inspired many to raise voices for their rights.

Furthermore, his commitment to civil rights and equality has been a central theme in his political career.

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