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Cory Smith Obituary And Death Cause: Family Mourns The Loss

Cory Smith, a long-serving Come By Chance Firefighter volunteer, suddenly passed away at 44. If you like to read more about his death cause and obituary, please follow the below.

Cory Smith was an extraordinary citizen because of his uncompromising resolve and daring. Moreover, he kept calm while facing death, assuming command and directing his people to safety.

Cory’s charisma and ability to develop faith in his fellow workers inspire everyone who works with him.

Mr. Smith’s character shows how he thinks about and aids people surrounding him, including those not members of the Fire Department.

Cory Smith Obituary: Family Mourns the Loss

Cory Smith tragically died on 28th June 2023 in his beloved home in Fulton, California. Moreover, Smith, 44, and his partner, Amanda Marshall, have three little children. 

Mr. and Mrs. were also members of the Lions Club in their local community of Fulton.

A week ago, the emergency response community throughout North America rallied around the Come By Chance Volunteer Fire Department.

Following the death of Mr. Smith, they responded to a call involving one of their own.

“In a small community like this…we were pretty sure it would be someone we knew. But we didn’t realize until we were on the call that it was one of our firefighters,” said Chief Duane Antle on Friday, 28th June 2023.

He also added by stating, “Of course, the call didn’t turn out the way that we had wanted it to turn out.

That’s what Corey would want. That’s what our members are going to want to do. And that’s probably the best way that we’re going to be able to honor Cory.”

Corey is the sort of man that wants to be there to help no matter what is going on in the neighborhood.

Cory Smith Death and Obituary
Cory Smith was a man of sheer perseverance and hard work. Untimely, he passed away on Wednesday, 28th June 2023. Source: Facebook @(Come By Chance Firefighters Department)

So, the Come By Chance Firefighting Department has recently lost a fantastic member. And it’s having a significant impact on all of them.

Messages of sorrow have been coming in from throughout North America, according to Chief Antle:

“We’ve probably received messages from 90 percent of the Fire departments in the province.

We’ve got messages from Fire departments in seven other provinces, and we’ve even received some from as far away as the United States.”

Fulton Mayor Carol Molloy said the municipality canceled Memorial Day and Canada Day celebrations to show sympathy for Smith and his family on Saturday, 1st July 2023.

“It’s a huge loss to the town,” Molloy said of Smith’s sudden passing. “He was a great volunteer committed to this town.”

Meanwhile, funeral preparations have already been finalized for Friday, 29th June 2023. Mr. Smith’s untimely demise left his family in mourning for his remarkable good acts.

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What is the Death Cause of Cory Smith?

Cory Smith, a long-time volunteer fireman, was discovered dead inside his house by his coworkers on Wednesday. His death was ruled a medical emergency by Chief Antle, who defined it as such.

Smith’s death has shocked the village of over 200 people and underlines the complex daily challenges that volunteer firefighters confront.

Cory Smith Cause of Death
The cause of Cory Smith’s death is still a mystery. Source. Facebook (@Come By Chance Firefighter Department)

Antle said the department’s 15 members depend on one another to cope with Smith’s death and are using professional counseling resources available to emergency workers.

Lastly, Antle stated that the agency would continue to provide the most incredible service to the city and surrounding region.


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