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Who Is Courtney Coco Sister Lace Shawntelle Evans ? Family Tree

The 19-year-old college student Courtney Coco sisters are Lace Shawntelle Evans and Heather. Let’s meet her parents and sister below!

Courtney Coco has become a new heading as she was discovered lifeless miles away from where she went missing. Besides, she was a resident of Rapides Parish, Louisiana.

More, Coco studied in Northwestern State University’s criminal justice program. She was last seen alive by her mother, Stephanie Belgard, on October 1, 2004. 

Although the case is almost two-decade old, it still hunts her family and especially her sister. According to the sources, her belongings were found in an abandoned building in Winnie, Texas.

The young girl lost her life as she was expected to be alive more and fulfill her dream and career. Additionally, Coco’s cause of death was believed to be a homicide. 

Who is Courtney Coco Sister Lace Shawntelle Evans?

Lace Shawntelle Evans is the sister of Courtney Coco. Lace and Courtney had a seven-year gap, Lace being the older one. Reportedly, the sisters also worked at a local dental office.

Later, Lace pursued a Criminal Justice degree from Northwestern State University. Her Facebook bio shows Lace went to Bolton High School (Louisiana). She now lives in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Her Facebook bio also states that she lives a happy life with her long-time partner, family, and friends. Furthermore, Lace is an active Facebook user from where she showcases her ongoing lifestyle.

Courtney Coco
Courtney Coco with her sister, Lace Shawntelle Evans. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Also, she is aware of her sister’s murder and has made multiple posts about it on the platform. She even shared a Dateline episode focusing on her sister’s murder case.

According to the Cinemaholic, Courtney also has another sister who goes by the name of Heather. There are not many details about Heather, as she has stayed away from the limelight.

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Courtney Coco Family Tree Explored

Courtney Coco was born Courtney Megan Coco to her parents in the United States of America. Her mother is Stephanie Belgard, while her Father’s name remains unknown.

Stephanie had three daughters: Courtney, Lace, and Heather. The youngest child was nine years old when they lost their biological dad. Reportedly, their Father died after a workplace accident that crushed his legs.

Courtney Coco sister
Courtney Coco with her sister and mother. (Source: Facebook)

Courtney’s mom has fought bravely to give justice to her late daughter, who David Anthony Burns killed. According to Courtney’s mom’s Facebook, she has also worked as Creative Consultant at Paparazzi Accessories.

She is originally from Pineville, Louisiana, and now resides in Alexandria, Louisiana. Stephanie often shares moments of her life on Facebook and has even shared a Dateline episode of her daughter’s story.

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Who Killed Courtney Coco In Texas?

David Anthony was sentenced to life in prison without parole in November 2022. According to the sources, he dated Coco’s sister, Lace, and saw her on the side.

Similarly, the murderer is believed to be spending his life sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Likewise, for more than one decade, he contrived to keep authorities off his tracks.

Courtney Coco
Courtney Coco’s murderer  David Anthony was the ex-lover of her sister, Lace. (Source: KIRO 7)

Even after the arrest, Burns managed his innocence and had a past criminal history. During Coco’s funeral, he performed as a pallbearer and became very close with the family.

David was initially named as a suspect as early as 2011, but due to lack of evidence, he wasn’t arrested until the vital witness was found.

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