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Crew Gaines Disability: Joanna Son Down Syndrome Rumor

Crew Gaines, who has now turned five, has continued to face rumors of possible disability. Are these rumors true? Let’s find out.

Joanna Gaines and her husband, Chip Gaines, are famous TV personalities known for hosting the show Fixer Upper.

The show initially aired on May 23, 2013, and lasted for five seasons. Meanwhile, the last season aired in April 2018.

The show had a popular home renovation format, which struck a chord with the fans.

Further, their chemistry in the show, along with their attractive personality, added to the charm of the show.

The couple had been involved in the business of flipping houses since 2003. They carry out the business with their company, Magnolia Realty Real Estate.

But it’s not their work that has caught netizens’ attention.

Fans are wondering if their son Crew Gaines has some disability that they might be hiding from the world.

Crew Gaines Disability: Rumor On Joanna Gaines Son Down Syndrome

Joanna and Chip Gaines married after two years of dating back in 2003.

The couple share five children: Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and Crew.

Crew Gaines is the youngest child. Currently, he has been gaining quite a lot of attention from the media and fans alike.

The couple posts regularly about Crew Gaines, so fans are more exposed to him in particular.

Joanna taking a picture with Crew while he takes a nap
Crew Gaines enjoys gardening and is often seen tending to daffodils and tulips. (Source: Instagram)

This attention that Crew Gaines is getting has also led to some speculations about his possible disability.

One of the rumors of Crew Gaines’s possible disability is that of Down Syndrome.

Another similar rumor of the disability of Crew Gaines is that of the possibility of Hydrops Fetalis.

However, fans of Joanna Gaines do feel through his photos posted that he has Down Syndrome.

The concern from her fans is very understandable, too.

However, Joanna Gaines has not given any statement or clarification on this matter.

Some fans feel that the photos of Crew Gaines seem to resemble the possibility of some form of disability.

The internet is talking about Crew Gaines as they suspect he has some sort of disability
Crew Gaines loves to pet and smell the flowers in their garden. (Source: Instagram)

The fact that Joanna and Chip Gaines have not clarified this at all has left fans wondering about Crew Gaines’ disability.

The silence from the couple, however, has been indicating to fans that there is no need to worry.

Otherwise, the couple would have addressed this to fans, especially as they are relatively active on social media.

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Were There Rumors of Crew Gaines Disability Before Birth?

In early 2018, Joanna Gaines posted a video on her social media handle of an ultrasound.

Although the initial reactions from fans were that of excitement, as fans were genuinely happy for the couple.

However, this quickly became a worry for many, as one physician saw the ultrasound video and pointed out the possibility of Hydrops Fetalis.

A snippet from the ultrasound video of Joanna when she was pregnant with Crew
Crew Gaines has shown his creativity and imagination in his play. (Source: Instagram)

This meant that Crew Gaines was possibly going to be born with a disability right from birth.

Hydrops fetalis is a potentially fatal condition in which abnormal amounts of fluid build up in the body.

This can lead to life-threatening consequences in some cases, and this is what the physician pointed out.

However, this was a short video, which was only an initial speculation.

Is There A Continued Controversy Even After Birth Of Joanna Gaines’s Son?

The condition speculated turned out to be false after birth. It was evident that Crew Gaines did not have any such disability.

However, a post from Joanna Gaines on her social media created a rather unnecessary uproar.

This time, it was not regarding Crew Gaines or his disability but instead regarding his vaccination.

Strong anti-vaxxers flooded the comments of the post that Joanna Gaines had made on her Instagram.

Chip playing with Crew while at the doctor for a weigh-in
Chip and Joanna Gaines seem proud of their youngest child, Crew. (Source: Instagram)

Comments were made as the photo mentioned a weigh-in at the doctor for the newly welcomed child.

The anti-vaxxer community speculated that this was to vaccinate the newly born child.

It created a stir in the comments section. However, Joanna Gaines remained silent on this matter.

Her fans, however, quickly jumped to her defense, claiming that this was nothing more than a weigh-in.

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