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Cristian Montenegro Doll Family, Wikipedia: Wife Natalia & Kids

In the recent turn of events, a strange doll family of Cristian Montenegro has started to make headlines, leading to numerous curiosity among the people regarding his personal preferences.

Cristian Montenegro is a young Columbian guy making headlines with his strange relationship and family.

He has been in the spotlight since the news of him marrying a rag doll broke out to the public.

Following the incident, Cristian’s interesting yet strange relationship with the doll has turned out as a major topic among the global media.

Meanwhile, as the news of his strange relationship continues to amaze the global audience, many have shown keen interest in understanding his relationship.

With this interest, most of the people have gone online searching for the details about the strange doll family of Cristian Montenegro.

Cristian Montenegro Wikipedia: Who Is The Doll Family Guy?

In the current world, relationships have outruled traditional societal norms reaching new heights with every successive year.

Similarly, in recent times, the relationship of Columbian guy, Cristian Montenegro with a strange doll has done the same.

Born somewhere around 1996, Cristian has been in the headlines for his controversial relationship from 2021.

He is a 28-year-old guy currently residing along with his doll family in Bogot, Colombia.

Cristian captured taking a selfie.
Cristian’s relationship with the doll has earned him worldwide fame. (Source: Daily Mail)

However, details about his parents and upbringing are still not disclosed to the public.

Meanwhile, his personal life and relationships have been a major issue among the people.

He has been married to a rag doll named Natalia for almost three years and claims to share a family with it.

Additionally, he often makes public appearances along with his doll wife and children at public events and celebrations.

Although many believe Cristian has been facing some mental health issues after his breakup from his past girlfriend.

Christian taking selfie with his doll wife.
Cristian and doll, Natalie have been in relationship for three years. (Source: Daily Mail)

Despite these claims, Cristian has been living with his doll family since his marriage sharing a strange bond to date.

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Details On Cristian Montenegro Family And Kids

Speaking of the relationship and family of Cristian Montenegro, he has been married to a doll named Natalia since 2021.

He initially met Natalia, following a horrifying breakup with his past girlfriend who cheated on him.

Since that day he tried to remain away from relationships but eventually fell in love with Natalia.

Unfortunately, Cristian went on to marry Natalia in 2021, choosing the doll as a partner for life.

Meanwhile, he has claimed to be happy in finding love in a doll that doesn’t even breathe.

Cristian Montenegro captured along with his family.
Cristian Montenegro shares three doll children with his doll wife. (Source: Mirror)

In addition to the strangeness of the relationship, Cristian often takes the doll to the hospital for treatment.

However, it is still unclear if he is doing it as a part of a joke or is really out of his mind to accept a doll as his wife.

Beyond a relationship with a doll, Cristian also claims to have three children from his relationship.

This unconventional relationship of him has sparked numerous discussions online as well as offline.

As a result, many have criticized his actions and are sharing their unwillingness in his relationship.

While others have supported his decision to share a family with the doll.

Cristian Montenegro captured along with his two kids.
Cristian is the only person to accept multiple dolls as his family. (Source: Mirror)

Meanwhile, some of them have even claimed Cristian as a mentally ill man.

However, doctors have already confirmed that he doesn’t have any mental disorder and has a unique sexual preference instead.

Moreover, his relationship is surely an odd one but if he is happy in it, we shouldn’t be poking our heads in his personal matter.

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