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Chetney Family Got Run Out! Critical Role Game Spoilers, Schedule

The fans of Critical Role game are discussing the spoilers online; some of them are shocking. They are very excited about the upcoming episode next Thursday. Let’s explore some of the spoilers here.

Critical Role is a famous web series that started in March 2015.

In this show, various voice actors come together to play Dungeons and Dragons.

The show appears on Twitch and YouTube on its official accounts every Thursday at 7:00 PM.

Matthew Mercer is the show’s dungeon master, along with seven other contestants.

The latest campaign of Critical Role has created a lot of buzz on the internet, and people are discussing the spoilers on various platforms.

Critical Role Spoilers: Mysteries Of The Harness & Chetney’s Enthusiasm

One thing from Critical Role that is getting a lot of attention is the harness and spoilers suggest that the Bell’s Hells might use the harness to gain power.

Even though initially, people did not care much about the seemingly ordinary tool, currently, it is a hot topic among Critical Role fans.

Another spoiler is that Ludinus may be the one behind the creation of the harness.

Ashton Critical Role
Ashton’s role in the next episode will be interesting to watch, fans cannot wait for the release. (Source: Twitter)

He may have created the harness to get hold of sentient beings.

According to the spoilers, Chetney is also very eager to use the harness. He wants to absorb creatures and monsters with the help of it.

Fans are also wondering if we will get to see a huge transformation in Ashton after he gets the harness.

It appears that Ashton has a very unique connection with the harness.

Critical role ashton
The fans are eager to know how Ashton is going to use the harness and what is his connection with it. (Source: Twitter)

Another important character of this show, Fearne, may want to destroy the harness.

She did not seem to be very impressed by the harness and even seemed quite unsure about the tool.

Overall, most of the spoilers suggest that in upcoming episodes of Critical Role, we will most likely get to see Ashton’s connection with the harness as a focal point of this show.

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Critical Role Speculations: Harness Against Ludinus & Chetney’s Family Mystery

There are also speculations that the harness can be used against Ludinus. It will help Ashton to transform Ludinus into a non-human.

Fans are also assuming that the upcoming episode will show Ashton as part of a similar.

Talking about Chetney’s family getting run out, there are no spoilers available about it.

At this point, the show can go in any direction and the spoilers just give us some hint.

Chetney’s character is also very mysterious, and fans wonder if it is because of a reason soon to come out. (Source: Twitter)

It will be interesting to watch how the characters are going to play out their parts and use their power.

They have been able to raise a lot of curiosity after their actions in the latest episodes.

Further, the makers of Critical Role suggest that the fans will be receiving a lot of surprises after the release of the next episode.

As usual, the next episode of Critical Role is supposed to air on Thursday of next week which is December 14th of 2023.

Let’s see how many of the spoilers turn out to be true and how many of them will not.

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