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Who Is Crystal Nowland? Charlie Nowland Mother Arrested And Charged With Manslaughter

Charlie Nowland was a six-year-old kid who passed away because of malnutrition. Charlie Nowland mother, Crystal has been arrested recently and charged with criminal neglect and manslaughter.

More than nine months since the passing of her daughter from malnutrition, the mom of a six-year-old child has been detained and charged with manslaughter and criminal mistreatment.

In the early hours of Friday, 15th July 2022, Charlie Nowland was discovered unconscious on the floor of her family’s home commission residence in Munno Para, in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Along with a manslaughter charge, Crystal Nowland was charged with 4 counts of criminal neglect in connection with the alleged abuse of four of her children, who ranged in age from eight to fourteen.

On April 26, 2023, she will be facing Adelaide Magistrates Court. Now, via this article, let’s discover more about Charlie Nowland’s mother, Crystal Nowland, and find out how she was responsible for the manslaughter and murder of her own daughter. 

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Who Is Crystal Nowland? Charlie Nowland Mother Arrested And Charged With Manslaughter

In connection with the murder of six-year-old Charlie Nowland, her mother, Crystal Nowland has been accused of manslaughter.

Crystal is a mother who didn’t live up to the responsibilities of a parent and let her young, innocent daughter die.

In July of last year, Charlie was discovered unconscious in her family’s Munno Para, Adelaide, house. She was brought to Lyell McEwin Hospital, where her death was confirmed.

Around 1 am in the morning, Crystal Nowland, Charlie’s mother, screamed, “Charlie’s not breathing!”

Despite a thorough investigation by the police, no charges were brought against the mother of six until Wednesday morning, when investigators led her out of her house.

Ms. Nowland was charged with manslaughter and four counts of criminal negligence in connection with the alleged abuse of four of her kids, who ranged in age from eight to fourteen.

Charlie Nowland Mother
Crystal Nowland has been charged over her own daughter, Charlie Nowland’s untimely death. (Source: Daily Mail)

Detectives believe that criminal negligence caused the young girl’s death, which is why police launched their investigation into the events surrounding her death.

On Wednesday morning, police announced that Crystal had been charged with manslaughter. Additionally, she is accused of criminal neglect with respect to four additional unnamed kids.

Charlie had celiac disease, a serious autoimmune illness that was discovered months after she passed away and may have contributed to her demise.

Prior to her passing, Ms. Nowland had maintained that she had been unaware that Charlie had celiac disease. She was also informed by the coroner that the young girl had an inherited cardiac condition.

On Wednesday, Charlie Nowland’s mother will show up in Adelaide Magistrates Court. Three individuals, in three distinct incidences of alleged neglect, were each charged with manslaughter, including Ms. Crystal Nowland. 

Now, in the following subheading let’s unveil the identities of the rest of the two individuals who have been arrested and charged with manslaughter as well.

Shane Wanganeen & Jenni Wilmott Arrest: Two Parents Arrested In Separate Manslaughter Case

Following an unprecedented investigation into allegations of child mistreatment, two more South Australian parents have also been arrested alongside Crystal Nowland.
Likewise, Makai Wanganeen was a seven-year-old child who was taken to the hospital in critical condition in February 2022.
The boy was rushed to Adelaide’s Lyell McEwin Hospital and afterward moved to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where he passed away the same day.
According to a post-mortem, the seven-year-old died as a result of “several serious health issues”. In connection with the alleged killing of his son Makai, Shane Wangannen has been arrested and prosecuted.
Charlie Nowland Mother
Shane Wangannen didn’t look after his little son, Makai Wanganeen because of which he passed away. (Source: 9 News)
Furthermore, another child Jasmine Wilmott, 15, died in October 2018, and her mother, Jenni Wilmott was also charged with manslaughter in connection with that incident. 
Criminal neglect allegations against Jenni Wilmott were withdrawn in 2021 despite being brought against her in 2020. After the police obtained more evidence, they have now detained her once more.
On Thursday, Wangannen and Wilmott will appear in court. As per John Venditto, an Assistant Commissioner, the police officials have gathered forensic, monetary, physical, and expert evidence. Both the victims and any of the instances are unrelated.

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