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Who Is Cynthia Lucero From Beyond The Neon? Age Wikipedia Boyfriend And Net Worth

Cynthia Lucero is a well-known American actress and producer rising star in the film industry.

Lucero is known for her roles in The Disaster Artist (2017), Raw Dogs (2017), X-Men Revolution (2018), and L.A. Familia (2018).

Beyond The Neon will be released on October 1O and is a dangerous social experiment by Youtuber and his film crew to expose human sex trafficking in L.A.s Vegas.

Who Is Cynthia Lucero From Beyond The Neon?

Cynthia Lucero is an American actress and rising producer in the industry; she was born in Los Angeles, United States.

She pursued her interest in acting during primary school through the theatre and held American nationality.

Cynthia has gained fame from movies like The Disaster Artist, Raw Dogs, X-Men Revolution, and L.A. Familia.

Her upcoming projects are Love at First Spit, Nix, Beyond the Neon, Nix, and An L.A. Christmas Story, from the sources celebs.filmifeed.

Cynthia Lucero-
Cynthia Lucero on her trip to Alaska
Source: Instagram

Lucero, too has produced the horror-thriller movie “Nix” and loves reading, learning, and photography. According to her Instagram, she appears to be a person who loves to roam around the world.

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The actor seems to keep her personal life away from the professional and may not want to be the talk of the topic, so we do have much information about her life.

How Old Is Cynthia Lucero?

We can assume that she is in her 20s-30s from her photo, as we have no information about her birth date.

The public has not recognized Lucero much, so many sources have not covered information about her.

Although she has been a part of many films and is a known producer, people are still unknown about her.

Cynthia Lucero
Cynthia Lucero recent shared a photo on her Instagram
Source: Instagram

Cynthia may have started her career in acting in 2017, as we can’t find any relevant information about her other movies earlier.

However, she has gained more fame and followers from Beyond The Neon. Being an actress, she seems to have maintained her body as she looks to be fit and a healthy person.

Cynthia Lucero: Wikipedia And Boyfriend

Wikipedia has no information on Cynthia Lucero, and Wiki has not covered anything about her. This also means many people are still unknown of the American actress, although she has done movies and produced them.

The actress has been interested in acting since primary school and may have been interested in producing movies after entering the field.

Besides Beyond The Neon, she will be seen in her upcoming series like Love at First Spite, Nix, and An L.A. Christmas Story, where Nix is the horror-thriller movie she produced.

Cynthia Lucero
Cynthia Lucero with her co-worker from her upcoming work
Source: Instagram

Regarding her relationship status, she has not disclosed it yet. Lucero has not shared any personal information about her personal life, or it may be her choice.

It seems like she does not want to mix her personal life with her professional life, and there may also be some reason for it.

If talking from her Instagram account sources, she seems to be single in the present day. But we can’t be too sure about it until she shares it with the public.

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But we will be sure to update you about her relationship and family, which she has not discussed after revealing them to the public.

How Much Is Cynthia Lucero Net Worth?

No, sources have covered the information on Cynthia Lucero’s net worth, so we do not have any true information about her earnings.

However, if we assume her profits, they should be greater than $1 million. Most of her earnings as an actress & producer in America come from her work as an actress and producer.

She has been involved in many films as an actress and producer, too, so her net worth might increase yearly.

Although she has shared any information about her or her net worth above net worth is just assumed and might not be accurate. So we will keep her updated and update you guys too.

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