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Dale Culver Death: 5 Prince George Mounties Charged In Death Of Indigenous Man

Five Prince George Mounties were charged over Dale Culver’s death in 2017. The indigenous man died in police custody after being arrested for chasing parked vehicles.

Among the five officers, two have been charged with manslaughter, and three have been charged with attempting to obstruct justice.

The incident occurred in British Columbia, Canada, on July 18, 2017, at around 10:30 pm.

The police were informed of a man reportedly chasing parked vehicles in the 1000 block of Central Street West in Prince George.

When the officers tried to question the person, Dale Culver, he reportedly tried to flee.

A struggle ensued when officials tried to take Culver into custody, and additional officers arrived and used pepper spray on him.

When the man complained of having trouble breathing, police called paramedics, and he died afterwards.

The incident is quite similar to the recent killing of Tyre Nichols by five Memphis police officers, who are also charged with manslaughter.

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Dale Culver Death

Dale Culver was an indigenous man who died while police tried to restrain him in 2017. 

According to Independent Investigation officers, the incident occured in 1000 block of Central Street West in Prince George.

At around 10:30 p.m. authorities responded to a man who was trying to chase parked vehicles.

The police watchdog said that Culver tried to flee when a police officer questioned him.

Soon five Royal Candian Mounte Police arrived at the scene and tried to take the 35-year-old into custody. 

dale culver death
Dale Culver’s death occurred in police custody after they used force to try to restrain him. (Source: CBC)

During the struggle, officers used pepper spray on Culver’s face, which led to him having trouble breathing.

The 35-year-old was restrained in the police van when the officers asked for medical assistance. 

Soon, Emergency Health Services arrived and tried to resuscitate Culver but could not. He was pronounced dead moments later.

The portion of the arrest was recorded by cellphone video, in which multiple officers could be seen holding a man down.

Later, a single officer could be seen pinning the man to the sidewalk.

Culver was in and out of jail and made living off the streets, according to his girlfriend Alicia Wisla.

However, she emphasied that he was turning his life around in a good way and was a good father.

The deceased indigenous man was the father of three kids. 

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5 Prince George Mounties Charged In Death Of Indigenous Man

Six years after the death of Dale Culver, an indigenous man, in police custody, the five Prince George Mounties involved are finally charged. 

Among the five officers, two officers, namely Cst. Paul Ste-Marie and Cst. Jean Francois Monette are charged with manslaughter.

The other three are charged with attempting to obstruct justice immediately following the incident.

Cst. Arthur Dalman, Cst. Clarence Alexander MacDonald and Sgt. Bayani Eusebio Cruz are the name of the three officers. 

The first appearance for all five RCMP officers involved in the case is scheduled for March 14, 2023, in Prince George Provincial Court.

Five Royal Canadian Mounted Police were charged for the death of Dale Culver (Source: Wikimedia)

Among the five, four officers are still operating, while MacDonald was in an administrative leave for reasons unrelated to the incident.

Concerns were raised about the time it took for the five officers to be charged for their deeds.

Nevertheless, finally, it seems that justice is to be served as they are finally charged.

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