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Who Is Dallas Hayden, Bill Hayden Wife? Wikipedia And Age

Bill Hayden wife, Dallas Hayden, is mourning the loss of her husband, who took his last breath at the age of 90. Keep reading to know more about them.

Bill Hayden was an Australian politician and former Governor-General of Australia. Hayden was a member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

Furthermore, Hayden had a long and distinguished career in Australian politics. He served as a Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Representatives from 1961 to 1988.

During his time in the House of Representatives, he held several important ministerial positions, including Treasurer and Foreign Minister. 

In 1988, Hayden resigned from the House of Representatives to become the 21st Governor-General of Australia, a position he held until 1996. 

Currently, everyone close to Hayden is mourning the loss as he passed away at 90 years old. People are eager to know more about his married life, which has been shared below.

Who Is Dallas Hayden, Bill Hayden Wife?

Dallas Hayden is the wife of the late Bill Hayden, with whom she was married for over six decades. It has been reported that the Hayden pair were married for 63 years.

According to an online report, Hayden and his wife tied the knot in May 1960. The duo remained together until Bill’s passing on October 21, 2023.

Bill Hayden Wife
Bill Hayden and his wife Dallas Hayden were married for 63 years. ( Source: The Courier Mail )

There is no shadow of a doubt that Dallas and Bill supported each other in every step of their lives and remained a power couple.

It has been reported that the married pair initially resided in a rented cottage in Dinmore. Later, they built a house in Ipswich’s western suburbs and lived there.

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Dallas Hayden Wikipedia And Biography

Dallas Hayden is famous for being the wife of the late Bill Hayden. Dallas mainly keeps herself far from the public domain, and there are not many details about her personal and professional life.

Furthermore, Bill used to talk about his wife in the media, but he didn’t give much info to the media. Not to mention, Dallas and Bill had appeared in various public events together.

Dallas Hayden Wikipedia
Dallas Hayden and her husband Bill Hayden were photographed with then Australia’s new prime minister, Paul Keating. ( Source: SMH )

In December 1991, the pair were photographed together while giving farewell to then Australia’s new prime minister, Paul Keating.

The images can be found on the internet as it has been shared by various online portals. No more info about Hayden’s current life is accessible in the media sources.

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Dallas Hayden Age: How Old Is The Bill Hayden Wife?

Dallas Hayden age remains a mysterious topic to the internet as the verified outlets have not given any info to the tabloids.

As of now, the information related to her birth and early life is not available in the public domain. Due to the lack of information, it becomes pretty challenging to know about Dallas’ lifestyle.

Dallas Hayden Age
Dallas Hayden prefers to keep herself far from the media and her personal details remain a mysterious topic on the web. ( Source: SMH )

Furthermore, Hayden got more into media prominence after tying the knot with Bill Hayden. The Hayden couple had also started a family of their own.

They welcomed three daughters and a son. Their oldest daughter, Michaela, died in 1966 after being struck by a car. At the time of her passing, Michaela was just five years old. 

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