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Dame Dash Net Worth : Career & Lifestyle

Damon Antony Dash, also known as Dame Dash, holds a net worth of $1 million as of May, 2024. 

He was born on 3rd May 1971 in Harlem of the United States.  

As a teenager, Dame cleaned the floors of a neighborhood barbershop and sold newspapers to buy sneakers and apparel.  

Dash “learned to hustle” from his mother, who passed away at the age of 15 following an asthma attack.  

Dame Dash
Dame Dash

He maintains a busy schedule as an actor, director, music producer, and CEO.  

Likewise, Dame is also involved in several businesses, including Roca wear clothes and a nightclub, D172.  

 In addition, He later worked on tracks for Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham and others.   

Roc-A-Fella Record’s owner Damon Dash is responsible for the mergers of Armadale Vodka and Pro-Keds.

Quick Facts  

Full Name   Damon “Dame” Anthony Dash  
Nickname    Damon, Dane Dash  
Net worth   $1 Million approx. 
Birthdate   May 3, 1971  
Birth sign    Taurus  
Place of origin   Harlem, New York, United States of America  
Current residence     New York, USA 
Religion    Non- religious  
Gender    Male  
Ethnicity   Black  
Nationality   American  
Father’s Name   Unknown   
Mother’s Name   Cindy Morales  
Sibling    Bobby Dash  
Age    [calculate_years datestring=”03/05/1971″] years old 
Height   5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)  
Weight   78 kilograms (171 pounds)  
Body measurements   


40-32 Inches  
Salary   $65 thousand  
Skin Tone    Brown-Black  
Hair Color    Bald  
Eye Color   Black  
Beard or Moustache   Circle beard  
Feet/ Shoe size   9.5 to 10.5 US Men’s Size  
Sexual orientation   Straight  
Previous Dating    Aaliyah (2000-2001 death)  

Rachel Roy (2005-2009 divorced)  

Linda Williams (former girlfriend)   

Marriage   In a relationship  
Relationship    Raquel Horn (fiancé)  
Offspring   5 Children 
Children’s Name     Ava Dash, Damon Dash II, Tallulah Ruth Dash, Lucky Dash, Dusko Dash   
Profession    Actor, Film Director, Music Producer, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur, Film Producer  
Lucky Number    
Lucky Stone    Emerald  
Lucky Color   Green  
Years active   1991- present  
TV Shows    Dame Dash TV (2016)  
Social Media   Instagram, Twitter  
Last update   May, 2024 

Dame Dash: Income and Net Worth


His current sources of income come from a variety of fields since he has worked in a variety of occupations. 

Similarly, Dash holds a net worth of  $1 million approximately from numerous sources. 

Due to the dynamic structure in life, asset valuation differs from only an estimation as it can vary within the short phase. 

Damon Dash, who currently has a net worth of $1 million, used to have a whopping $50 million in total assets. 

According to the US Census Bureau, the median household income in the United States in 2018 was 63,179 dollars to put his wealth in context.  

Dash has made a living from his second job, having produced, directed, and appeared in over ten films, television series, and documentaries. 

Sadly, Hip-most Hop’s successful mogul wasn’t able to maintain his excellent fortune. 

Likewise, this change creates up and down in the label of net-worth. 

As you know, Damon Dash rose to popularity as a result of his collaboration with Jay-Z; but, fame does not always equate to wealth. 

In addition, After establishing a good reputation in the music industry, Dash embarked on a career as an entrepreneur, launching a fashion and lifestyle company. 

Net worth 

Following legal cases were involved in his life, with monetary settlement impacting his net worth. 

Curren$y, an artist, sued Dash in 2012 for publishing his music without his consent.  $1.5 million   
Dame was obliged to pay a monetary settlement to Linda Williams (the mother of his son Boogie) in 2014.  50,000 dollars (for prompting, prosecuted on harassment charges in 2009) 
Dame sued Roy for illegally exploiting Royale Etnia, their joint fashion brand.   2.5 million dollars 
Dash was imprisoned in November 2019 for inability to pay a debt.  Pay more than $400,000 in child support.  
The first report was filed in April 2015 in the New York County case of Cindy Morales by the Judiciary.  Since 2012, owed $62,553.  
He was involved for Rachel Roy Case for the second warrant   In 2015, he was ordered to pay $341,991 plus $25,000 in attorney expenses.  
Amount paid to be released   $1 million  

Moreover, Dash settled a lawsuit against filmmaker Lee Daniels in 2018 for $5 million, plus interest, to regain a $2 million investment.  

Despite his later success, Lee got financial assistance from Dash early in his career and is said to have failed to repay him.  

Dash appears to be bankrupt as a result of his expensive lifestyle and unsuccessful business enterprises. 

Similarly, He supposedly owes $2 million in taxes, has been sued twice, and his SUV and high-end apartment were seized last year.  

Dame has returned to hustling and enjoying the Hard Knock Life 

Net Worth of  Dame Dash in Different Currencies

Let’s take a closer look at Damon’s net worth in several currencies, notably BitCoin, the cryptocurrency.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 838,780
Pound Sterling £ 720,405
Australian Dollar A$ 1,318,565
Canadian Dollar C$ 1,231,065
Indian Rupee 74,235,400
BitCoin ฿ 29.07766

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Dame Dash; Houses and Car


New York City’s Tribeca

Damon Dash’s old luxury flat is located in New York City’s Tribeca sector.

In the mid-2000s, he borrowed $7.3 million to buy it, along with another property. 

Consequently, He was unable to sell them and was unable to make the $78,000 installments. 

The for-sale loft offers four bedrooms and four bathrooms and is located in excellent Tribeca real estate. 

Dash's house
Dash’s house

The living room has soaring 20-foot-high ceilings and hardwood floors which seems extravagant. 

Not only that, The master bedroom on the second level features a large walk-in wardrobe and a well-appointed bathroom. 

Moreover, the unique design has high-end Sub-Zero appliances, such as a double-wide stainless-steel refrigerator. 

On the contrary, much of the information related to the house is not out. According to public records, the house is on a 0.63-acre lot. 

Two places in Manhattan 

According to public records,  Dame owns two assets in Manhattan: 

Similarly, he bought a condo at 79 Laight Road in TriBeCa for $1,807,394 in 2004 and a flat at 25 N. Moore Street in TriBeCa for $3,875,000 in 2004. 

According to official records, he sold a property on Berkery Place in Alpine, New Jersey, for $3,075,000 in 2003 after buying it for $2,100,000 in 2000. 

Secondly, he gave a condo unit at 1512 Palisade Avenue in Ft. Lee, N.J. for 440,000 dollars in 2000 after purchasing it for 400,000 dollars in 1998. 


Tiret’s rich, enormous, bejeweled timepieces by designer Daniel Lazar inspired the sumptuous 2-door SUV based on Range Rover Sport. 

It incorporates real diamond accents drawn from Tiret’s opulent large, bejeweled clocks. 

The car comes with custom watch dial displays inspired by Tiret’s diamond timepieces. 

As well as a beautiful central clock, and is offered by special order at an undisclosed but certainly stratospheric price. 

Damon Dash owns various cars, but his favorite is a $400,000 Maybach, a German automobile brand that has since become a Mercedes-Benz. 

Dame's Car
Dame’s Car

Similarly, he also possesses a Range Rover, ranging in price from $89,000 to $177,000 and up. 

Dame Dash: Lifestyle and Vacations


Dash has an amazing personality with a good fashion sense as well.

He has an extravagant lifestyle and inked tattoo on his body parts as well. 

The actor from Highlander: Endgame has a sizable collection of sneakers.

In his wardrobe, he has 1,300 pairs of sneakers. 

He is a well-dressed and imposing man with an interest in time with family members. 


Although not much information on his vacation is shared, he has mentioned his favorite hotel in Paris, Plaza Athenee.   

He mentions the trip to Mexico where he broke his collarbone while bodysurfing then.  

In addition, he prefers flying economically, or if that does not allow, he will choose first-class; his privacy concerns him.  

Moreover, he has been planning the trip to Scotland, where he has never been before.  

When he talks about Disney world’s tour, he enjoyed that place a lot but feels he has aged for it now.  

Dame Dash: Medias, Investments, Endorsements, and Charity


Being a multi-talented person is not a surprising aspect that dash is involved in the media sector. 

Reality Cast Member   Growing up hip-hop (2021)  

R. Kelly: Vittime di una popstar (2020)  

Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn (2016)  

Music Moguls (2016)  

Judge   The next big thing (2018)  
Guest   The Real (2016)  

Roadtrip Nation (2006)  

The Tyra show (2005)  

Drinks Chams on Revolt (2016)  

MTV Cribs (2005)  

Actor   All of us (2005), Highlander EndgameState Property, Paper soldiersPaid in full, Quand m’aimera-t-on? , Death of a Dynasty, Highlander: A Bathala Final, Honor upwhen will I be loved, NieSmiertenly IV; Ostatnia rozgrywka  
Panelist   Hip Hop Moguls: The Rags to Riches Stories of the CEO’s Rap  
Director   Paper Soldiers, Propriedade do estado 2  

Honor up, Death of Dynasty, State Property 2  

Performer   Backstage, Hip-hop in Harlem, Diplomats, and Friends  
Screenwriter   Honor up, State property II, Paper Soldiers  
Co-Producer   Weapons  
Producer   Backstage, Paper Soldiers, State Property, Paid in Full, State Property 2, Shadowboxer, Death of a Dynasty  

Investments and Endorsements 

Dame Dash teamed up with an oil plant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2011.

Under the brand name “Dame Dash,” they sold motor oil. 

Damon is the owner of Damon Dash Gallery, a division of DD172, located at 172 Duane St. in Tribeca, Lower Manhattan. 

Furthermore, He created DD172, a media collaborative. 

Similarly, Dash announced his new business venture on Twitter in 2019. 

He was eager to share the news of how he had repurchased Rachel Roy’s garment company’s majority interest. 

Apart from that, Dame spends $40,000 on paying the tax on his business profits. 


According to the research, Dame Dash isn’t known for his charitable activities, but Dash donated 30 used shirts and socks to a charity. 


Dash has proven to be a dedicated worker since the beginning of his career. 

Damon Dash has been a CEO and a music business leader since the 1990s when he was a producer for the rap group “Original Flavor.” 

After becoming good friends, Dame was introduced to Jay-Z, a young up-and-coming rapper from Brooklyn, in 1996. 

Likewise, the two co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records with Kareem Burke in 1996. 

Despite the fact that they were on their way to success with Jay-soon-to-be-released Z’s first album, “Reasonable Doubt,” their relationship immediately fell apart. 

3 Facts about Dame Dash

  • Dame Dash decided to enroll at boarding school by own. 
  • He was working on an app called Blind Debit that uses fingerprints to make payments. 
  • Dame was Jay-manager Z’s at one point. 


How much money does Stacey Dash make a year? 

Stacey Dash Stacey Dash’s net worth is projected to be 200 thousand dollars as of April 2021. 

What’s the net worth of Jay Z? 

According to Forbes, Jay-Z’s career has taken him to new heights, becoming a billionaire in 2019. 

What’s the net worth of Dash, the rapper? 

Dash has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of April 2021. 



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