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Dana Bostic Wikipedia: Bird & The New Breed Explained

Explore the criminal journey of Dana Bostic, also known as ‘Bird’ and ‘Mello,’ the leader of the notorious New Breeds Street gang. Dana Bostic Wikipedia might not be available, but we have all the info.

Dana Bostic, a very notorious kingpin who rose in Chicago’s gritty streets, is a name that many despise and many are afraid of.

He is known as the leader of the very infamous New Breeds street gang.

Most people know him because of his involvement in the heroin drug market.

It is shocking to know that he ruled the drug empire for nearly a decade.

Dana Bostic Wikipedia: ‘Bird’ And ‘Mello’

Dana was known by very unique names in the streets, ‘Bird’ and ‘Mello.’

The police and law enforcement first crossed paths with him in 2002 when they made an arrest for the murder of a rival gang member.

Somehow, Dana was able to get out of jail, leading him to continue his criminal activities even more.

He took control of a 12-block area near the crossroads of Pulaski Road and Van Buren Street.

Dana bostic street
For many years, Dana was the unofficial controller of the Westside Chicago streets.

This was his territory, where he would lead some members of the New Breeds gang.

He was infamous for using violence and his ruthless personality, and everyone feared him for his extreme decisions.

Even the gang members were aware of the fact that they were walking on eggshells whenever working with Dana.

The heroin distribution network that Dana was in control of was spread to unimaginable places, including a grocery store and a gas station.

Dana, even with his very violent reputation and many instances with the law, was walking the streets of Chicago as a free man.

He was earning profits on profit while the police were trying to make his arrest.

Justice Served: The Downfall Of ‘Bird’ Dana Bostic and His Reign of Violence

After many years of effort, the police were finally able to make the arrest. In 2010, Dana was finally caught.

Dana himself admitted to being the leader of the very notorious heroin distribution gang.

In February 2010, he finally pled guilty to murder and many acts of violence.

Dana Bostic Wikipedia
The Bird has finally fallen, but his crimes still haunt Chicago.

Dana was standing firm on his being innocent, but it was a very hard thing to believe for law enforcement.

Matthew Kennelly was the judge in this case. He very importantly highlighted the whole situation.

The case revealed that Dana hired a hitman to shoot his own brother, Curtis Ellis.

The shooting took place outside a nightclub in River North in August 2008.

The judge also mentioned that Dana was the one who decided who to kill and who to let go of in his area.

Dana had no empathy for any of his victims, and he let many young people get into drugs.

This is one of the reasons for the increasing number of addicts in Chicago.

From Crime to Consequences: Dana Bostic’s Impact On Chicago Streets

All Dana cared for was to keep making money no matter how badly his actions impacted the city and its people.

What we learn from this case is that, no matter how smart someone is and how easily they can fool the system, They always face consequences.

Chicago west side
Chicago’s west side still has a lot to recover from, even after the arrest of Dana.

However, the crimes he committed during his leadership of the street gang still affected many lives.

Many drug addicts he helped have died, leaving their families alone. Meanwhile, some have committed heinous crimes just because of their addictions.

Even though Dana is behind bars now, many other leaders have emerged in the city.

The fight has not ended between law enforcement and the criminal world.

Further, the ark side of Chicago streets still echoes the Crimes that Dana committed.

This Wikipedia article shows how Dana Bostic, the infamous ‘Bird,’ saw his fall in the same place that he destroyed to rise.

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