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Are Daniel And Liam Poole, The Missing Father And Son From Malaga, Dead Or Alive?

UK’s Father and son duo, Daniel And Liam Poole, made headlines in October 2019. Daniel And Liam Poole Missing and possible murder news spread like wildfire across Europe. 

The Sussex authorities took legal action recently on November 2022 over a murder investigation of a man and his son who went missing in Spain in 2019. 

Typically, Sussex Police took over the Spanish disappeared duo murder probe in a legal bid.  

Stay with us to discover more about the missing Father and son duo. 

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Daniel And Liam Poole Missing

Father Daniel Poole, and his son Liam Poole, from Burgess Hill in West Sussex, went missing in 2019. Reportedly, the Father and son duo visited Spain to play golf and look at holiday homes, where they went missing. 

Daniel And Liam Poole Missing
Daniel And Liam Poole have remained contactless with their family since 2019. (Source: The Mirror)

According to the Spanish National Police, they are no longer in charge of the case, as it has been at least three years since they disappeared.

Sussex Authorities are handling their missing probe, which is currently recorded as unsubstantiated deaths.

Daniel Poole’s mother-in-law Kathy Catney suspected that her son-in-law and grandson were up to no good. Yes, the pair allegedly used to visit Spain several times a year, and this was no strange visit. 

Liam Poole’s maternal grandmother said: 

After years after his missing, I do think my grandson, Liam’s died, I believe he has been killed. But I still pray he is not at the bottom of the sea.

Moreover, Ms. Catney revealed that her son-in-law was doing drugs. However, she never knew the cause of their Spain visit and golf plan. 

Spanish Police said their investigation remained open, with no further comments.

However, the Spanish team is no longer investigating Daniel And Liam Poole’s missing case, as the Sussex Authorities have taken over the matter. 

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Are The Father And Son From Malaga, Dead Or Alive?

Sadly, the Father and son, Daniel And Liam Poole, who went missing from Malaga, are not alive. The two’s disappearances were recorded as unsubstantiated deaths. 

Probably, the suspect got away with the murder charge soon after they went missing in October 2019. Authorities are still unable to track down the prime suspect almost three years after their missing. 

Daniel And Liam Poole Death
Daniel And Liam Poole’s Substantial Death shook the Internet. (Source: The Argus)

The tragic incident might have occurred in Spain, as the family of a Father and son went missing at the same place. As mentioned earlier, Daniel’s mother-in-law feared they might lie at Malaga’s bottom of the sea.

Liam and his Father, Daniel Poole, traveled to Malaga to enjoy their alleged vacation on 31 March 2019. However, the two have been contactless with their family since 1 April of the same year.

According to the Spanish authorities, the hired car they were traveling was not returned and was later found in the street near Estepona. Also, both their passports and luggage were left untouched in their hotel room.

Likewise, Sussex Police’s investigation discovered that the Father and son had traveled to take care of their holiday homes and play golf at the Spanish resort. 

But Liam’s grandmother, Ms. Catney, has an entirely different story to tell as she confirmed that the pair did not play golf.

Moreover, Daniel And Liam Poole’s family managed to raise £100 Thousand just in hours for their missing investigation. 

Besides, Sussex Police confirmed that the authorities supported the victim’s family. Also, Sussex authorities were assisting the Spanish Police.

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