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Daniel Khalife Sister Name: Mother Maria Khalife And Father Joseph Khalife

Daniel Khalife sister name has been searched by many people. If you want to know more about the personal life of the escaped prisoner, read this article till the end.

Daniel Khalife is a former British soldier who gained widespread media attention when he escaped from HM Prison Wandsworth in London on September 6, 2023, and is now facing allegations of involvement in terrorism.

Apart from that, a manhunt is still underway, and many believe Daniel may have left the country. It is reported that, while disguised in a chef’s uniform, he dared escape by concealing himself beneath a food delivery van.

Khalife faces charges related to gathering personal information about soldiers, which could potentially aid someone in planning or committing acts of terrorism, as well as being involved in a bomb hoax.

With the news of Khalife escaping from prison, people are concerned about his personal life, mainly his family background, which has been shared below.

What Is Daniel Khalife Sister Name?

The name of Daniel Khalife sister has been searched by many people on the internet, but it has not been shared by any social media platforms.

According to various sources, Daniel has a twin sister, but the details regarding her have not been posted yet. Meanwhile, an online portal has claimed that the name of Daniel’s sister is Emily Khalife.

However, it can’t be confirmed as the verified media sources have not given any facts. The Telegraph reported that, until a few years ago, Daniel’s mother and sister resided near the outskirts of Richmond Park, their property under discreet surveillance by plainclothes officers.

Daniel Khalife Sister
Daniel Khalife has a twin sister whose name remains a mysterious topic on the internet, but some sources say she is Emily. ( Source: Daily Mail )

A neighbor shared insights about Daniel’s family, mentioning that an upstairs tenant was a mother with a son and a daughter.

The son would frequently come and go, often using loud language. Approximately three years ago, around a year after our own move into the area, she relocated to Wales.

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Meet Daniel Khalife Mother Maria Khalife And Father Joseph Khalife

Daniel Khalife was born to his doting parents, who are said to be of Middle Eastern heritage. According to an online source, his mother, Maria Khalife and father, Joseph Khalife, raised him in London.

Not much info is known about Daniel’s parents, but a neighbor said the family didn’t talk to anyone else in the street. Meanwhile, they came into the media prominence as the parents of Daniel.

Daniel Khalife Parents
Daniel Khalife was born to his Middle Eastern parents, and they raised him in London. ( Source: Daily Express US )

Daniel has escaped from prison, and the news has created a buzz on the internet, and it has also dragged a huge amount of media attention.

Despite all these, Daniel’s parents have kept them far from the media and have not talked anything about their son’s case.

Where Is Daniel Khalife Now?

Daniel Khalife escaped from prison on September 6, 2023, and has not been found yet. Many are saying that Daniel may ahve left the country, but nothing can be confirmed at the moment as a manhunt is going on.

Before getting arrested on January 26, 2023, he had been a member of the army as a computer network engineer with the Royal Corps of Signals since 2018, having joined just at the age of 16.

Daniel Khalife Now
A man was arrested who looked like the terror suspect Daniel Khalife as he waited on the platform. ( Source: The Sun )

In the year 2019, he joined the British Army and was a soldier serving with the Royal Corps of Signals. Further, he was based at Beacon Barracks, Stafford, at the time of his arrest in January 2023.

 Furthermore, Daniel’s trial is due to begin on November 13, 2023. It has been alleged that he was gathering information to pass on to Iran

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