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Danny And Roberto Jaz Parents Nationality: Father Michael Jaz And Mother

Danny and Roberto Jaz parents have been accused of being aware of their sons’ crimes and failing to stop them.

Danny and Roberto Jaz are the brothers who have been convicted of drugging & sexually assaulting dozens of women in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The brothers have also been referred to as predatory rapists by the public and media. They have also been sentenced to long prison terms in Christchurch district court.

While Danny Jaz got 16 years behind bars for assaulting eight women, Robero Jaz has been sentenced to 17 and half years in jail for drugging or violating 19 women.

Also, they must complete at least half their sentences to be eligible for parole. Meanwhile, there has been much interest in the Jaz brother’s parents.

Let’s get to know Danny and Roberto Jaz’s parents, including their nationality, background and accusations surrounding them.

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Danny And Roberto Jaz Parents Are Macedonian Immigrants

Danny Jaz and Roberto Jaz were born in Australia to their father, Michael Jaz and their mother, whose name has not been revealed.

As reported by New Zealand Herald, the Jaz brother’s parents are Macedonian emigrants. Their dad, Michael Jaz, relocated the family to Auckland in 2001.

Danny And Roberto Jaz Parents
Danny And Roberto Jaz were born and raised in Australia by their parents, who are Macedonian immigrants. (Image Source: Otago Daily Times)

Several years after that, the family moved to Christchurch, New Zealand. On Oxford Tce, Michael opened the Portofino eatery.

Following the 2011 earthquake, Michael Jaz founded the Italian restaurant Venuti on Colombo St.

Later, he established Mama Hooch bar and restaurant when a space close became available.

Moreover, the Jaz siblings had been the center of the family’s hospitality empire. Danny worked as a duty manager, and Roberto as a chef at Venuti.

Danny and Roberto’s brother, Davide, Michael’s third son, was a Hooch employee. Michael and his third son were not charged with any offenses.

The identity of the Jaz brothers’ mother has not been made public. No reports have mentioned her name.

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Allegations Surrounding Danny And Roberto Jaz Father Michael Jaz

Michael Jaz owned the Mama Hooch bar and restaurant, which his sons Danny and Roberto turned to as their sexual playground.

Although Michael was not charged with any offenses, many accusations against him exist. The Jaz brother’s father has been accused of being 

Danny And Roberto Jaz Parents
Danny And Roberto Jaz’s father owned the bar and restaurant, which they turned into their sexual playground. (Image Source: 1News)

He was accused of knowing about his sons’ actions and neglecting to intervene. In addition, Michael allegedly tried to intimidate some of the victims and witnesses during the trial.

Considering his position as owner and founder of the bar, it is understandable why Michael faced such grave allegations. Also, it was not like his sons committed the heinous offenses overnight.

However, there has been no confirmation of these allegations. As a result, they are just groundless talks.

It looks like Danny and Roberto never let their father know about their dirty work. Michael Jaz has sold the Mama Hooch bar and restaurant.

It has been reported that the bar looks like the destination where women are unlikely to be respected.

According to testimony presented to the court, the bar’s name directly reflected Danny and Roberto’s dirty work.

Crown Attorney Andrew McRae described the incident as “a play on the term “Hoochy Mama.”

The Oxford Dictionary defines Hoochy Mama as a young woman, especially one who is promiscuous or acting in a sexually provocative way.

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