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Musician Danny Keough Wikipedia: Father Of Riley And Benjamin

With the grand Elvis tribute show, the spotlight has shifted to his family, including his son-in-law, Danny Keough, with a search for his Wikipedia, as much of his life is tucked behind the curtains.

Danny Keough is best known for being the first husband of Lisa Marie Presley, who had a spectacular life.

He had a special place in the Presley family as Lisa was the only child of the famous household.

Further, Keough tried to spend as much time with his wife and children as possible.

Meanwhile, he also had a notable career in the music and entertainment industry.

Now, people eagerly want the information of his early life and particularly search for the Wikipedia of Danny Keough.

Musician Danny Keough Wikipedia: Father Of Riley And Benjamin Keough

Despite being a prominent figure, Danny Keough has no official Wikipedia page yet.

Many of his admirers have been disappointed at such news and are invested in learning more about the musician.

Danny Keough was born in Chicago on November 6, 1964, to parents Francis and Janet.

Danny Keough with his wife
Keough met Presley through Scientology. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up, he had one sibling, a younger brother named Thomas.

Further, like many celebrities, Keough was involved with the Church of Scientology from an early age.

After the divorce of his parents, his mother married a Scientologist, Alan Hollander, and co-founded the Delphian School.

Later, Keough and his brother graduated from the academy while their mother served as the school’s administrator.

Along with his studies, the teen excelled in learning various musical instruments.

Over the years, Keough composed the title music for The Darking and Cabin by the Lake.

The musician also tried his hand at acting with his role as Aaron Marshall in The Lodge.

Apart from his successful career, his marriage with Lisa Presley is also notable for the Wikipedia of Danny Keough.

Danny Keough Lisa Presley wedding
Keough worked at several jobs to maintain his life with Presley. (Source: Instagram)

Throughout his life, Keough was part of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, where he met Presley.

Still a teenager, Presley had dropped out of college and began abusing illegal drugs.

They sent her to the rehabilitation center where Keough worked as a house musician to earn extra money.

Further, the couple moved from place to place while dating and tied the knot in a private ceremony.

Soon after their marriage, the pair welcomed their daughter, Danielle Riley and Benjamin Keough.

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Danny Keough’s Marriage With Lisa Presley: Coping With The Death Of Loved Ones

The married life of Danny Keough takes up a large part of his Wikipedia as it was filled with dramatic turns.

Despite having two children, Keough’s marriage with Presley only lasted about six years.

Further, his wife revealed that the couple developed resentment over a financial situation.

Danny Keough with Lisa Presley
Keough has a close relationship with his daughter. (Source: Instagram)

After their divorce in 1994, Presley married pop music icon Michael Jackson while co-parenting Riley and Benjamin.

Likewise, the children split their time between their mother’s home in Los Angeles and their father’s apartment in Hawaii.

Over the years, Presley had several relationships while Keough remained close to the family.

Similarly, Keough has no bad feelings towards his ex-wife and even works as her bass player.

Additionally, the musician played a huge role in building Presley’s music career as a mentor.

However, tragedy struck the family when Benjamin died by suicide on July 12, 2020.

Danny with his daughter
Keough had to lose his son to suicide. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the news devastated Keough, his ex-wife, and daughter, Riley.

Soon after his death, Presley felt racked with guilt and sold her nearly $2 million property in California.

By the following year, Presley moved in with Keough with her twin daughters, Harper and Finely, amidst her divorce from her fourth husband.

Moreover, Presley was still living with the musician when she suffered a fatal cardiac arrest.

Now, after the death of family members, Keough spends a lot of time with his daughter, Riley.

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